BambooHR Onboarding

Set your people up for success from the start.

  • Create, assign, schedule, and track onboarding tasks easily.
  • Personalize the onboarding process with custom templates.
  • Save time and paperwork with e-signatures.
  • Build team connections with automated intro emails to keep new hires engaged and productive.

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Create better first days for your new hires.

Make meaningful introductions with customizable preboarding packages. And make it easy to set new hires up in advance with welcome emails, IT checklists, and e-signatures for paperwork.

"In less than six months, they've revolutionized our hiring, benefits management, PTO tracking, onboarding and offboarding, performance management, compliance, and a bunch of other stuff that's too dull to mention, but way too necessary to overlook."

Paul Tucker, General Manager | Integrity IT Solutions

Retain great hires with a great onboarding process

Ensure your onboarding process is organized and efficient. You and your organization will look great to new employees and keep them around.

Keep new hires engaged with a custom experience.

Personalize the onboarding experience to the individual and their upcoming role in your organization with New Hire Packet Templates.

  • Make sure new hires feel included from the moment they accept their offer.
  • Send onboarding tasks automatically to new hires for them to complete on their own time, at their pace.
  • Customize templates by job types, departments, locations, and more.

Create instant personal connections.

Make introductions easy between new hires and their teams with a Get to Know You email to highlight common interests. Employees who feel connected with teammates will feel more engaged, productive, and successful.

Improve time-to-productivity for new hires.

Get new employees up to speed and performing as quickly as possible. A faster, more effective onboarding process can help with higher employee engagement and increased job loyalty.

Save timeā€”and the environment.

Use built-in electronic signatures to make the document-signing process seamless for everyone. Say goodbye to paper forms and hello to environmentally conscious tech.

The functionality, features, and user-friendly capabilities of the BambooHR website and app have provided me with the ability to empower our managers and employees to take on tasks I was responsible for in the past.

Aaron Wheeler | Wistia