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Create better first days for new hires.

When you use BambooHR® to manage employee onboarding, you focus less on formalities and more on creating better first days. BambooHR onboarding tools help you complete paperwork quickly for more meaningful introductions, let you gather electronic signatures with customizable preboarding packages, and make it easy to set new hires up in advance with welcome emails and IT checklists. Goodbye, boring. Hello, brilliant.

"In less than 6 months, they've revolutionized our hiring, benefits management, PTO tracking, onboarding and offboarding, performance management, compliance, and a bunch of other stuff that's too dull to mention, but way too necessary to overlook."

Paul Tucker, General Manager | Integrity IT Solutions

Keep great people on board with great onboarding

Research shows that new hires decide in the first six months whether to stay with your organization or not, and that effective onboarding has a big influence on their decision. BambooHR helps ensure your employee onboarding process is organized and efficient, which makes you and your organization look great to new employees—and that means it’s more likely they’ll become old employees.

Tailor the new hire experience with onboarding templates.

Want new hires to stay excited and engaged from day one? Start by personalizing the onboarding experience to the individual and their upcoming role in your organization. New Hire Packet Templates make it easy to customize onboarding for different job types, departments, locations, and more. You'll save time, lighten your administrative load, and create a more inviting and personal onboarding experience for your new employees.

Keep new hires engaged.

Your incoming employees should feel included from the moment they accept their offer. With onboarding software from BambooHR, you can automatically send onboarding tasks to new hires for them to complete on their own time, at their pace. From what to expect on the first day to team introductions, BambooHR onboarding tools help promising candidates become engaged, productive employees.

Create personal connections.

Relationships matter. In a recent Gallup study, over half of workers who said they had a friend at work also felt engaged, productive, and successful, versus just eight percent of those who don’t. BambooHR onboarding makes introductions easy for both new hires and their new team members, with a customizable new-hire packet and a Get to Know You email to highlight common interests. The BambooHR onboarding process helps new hires create instant connections.

Improve time-to-productivity for new hires.

With average employee lifecycles on the decline, a well-structured onboarding program is more essential than ever. Not only does BambooHR help you get new employees up to speed and performing as quickly as possible, but research has shown that a faster, more effective onboarding process is also tied to higher employee engagement and increased job loyalty. In other words, saying hello with easy onboarding software from BambooHR could mean fewer early goodbyes.

Save time—and the environment.

With built-in electronic signatures, BambooHR makes onboarding new employees easier for everyone involved. Fresh hires don’t have to wade through an ocean of paper forms, and HR can cross essential onboarding items off the list before the new employee even steps foot in the office. You save time, headaches, and filing cabinet space with online onboarding, all while making a statement as a tech-savvy, environmentally conscious employer.


The functionality, features, and user-friendly capabilities of the BambooHR website and app have provided me with the ability to empower our managers and employees to take on tasks I was responsible for in the past.

Aaron Wheeler | Wistia