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BambooHR Plans

No matter what HR looks like at your company, we have the perfect plan for you!


Foundational HR automation to move your business forward. Ideal for smaller HR teams with basic operational needs.


A complete, flexible HR platform. Ideal for scaling companies looking to level up their employee experience.

  • HR Data & Reporting Start making data-driven decisions.
  • Hiring & Onboarding Improve the candidate and new hire experience.
  • Time Off & Benefits Tracking Track time off and benefits quickly and easily.
  • Integrations Marketplace Simplify even more with pre-built integrations.


  • HR Data & Reporting Start making data-driven decisions.
  • Hiring & Onboarding Improve the candidate and new hire experience.
  • Time Off & Benefits Tracking Track time off and benefits quickly and easily.
  • Integrations Marketplace Simplify even more with pre-built integrations.
  • Performance Management Manage your talent more effectively through painless, actionable, and objective performance reviews.
  • Employee Experience Understand what matters most to your people and set the stage for a great employee experience.
  • Employee Community Streamline internal comms and increase engagement with a centralized community.

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Add-on Solutions

Accomplish even more with additional capabilities.


(US employees only)

  • Direct Deposit
  • Flexible Pay Schedules
  • Federal & State Tax Filing
  • Single Source of Data
  • Specialized Support Team

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Benefits Administration

(US employees only)

  • Self-Guided Benefits Configuration
  • Open Enrollment, Life Events, and New Hires
  • Election Review and Approval
  • Reporting & Data Review
  • Carrier Connections

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Time Tracking

  • Mobile & Desktop Time Clock
  • Project Tracking & Billable Hours
  • View & Edit Employee Timesheets
  • Automated Approval Workflows
  • Automatic Overtime Calculations

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Direct Deposit

Pay your employees accurately and on time with paychecks deposited straight to their bank accounts.

Self-Guided Benefits Configuration

Easily create, manage, and customize enrollment windows for open enrollment, new hires, and qualifying life events.

Mobile & Desktop Time Clock

Clock in and out easily right from the BambooHR Home screen or with the mobile app.

Flexible Pay Schedules

Manage flexible pay schedules and pay groups based on your specific needs.

Open Enrollment, Life Events, and New Hires

Employees choose and review their benefit elections in the same platform they use to request time off and manage their personal information.

Project Tracking

Assign your time worked to specific projects for internal tracking or billing purposes.

Federal & State Tax Filing

BambooHR files all federal, state, and local taxes on your behalf to give you peace of mind.

Election Review and Approval

Review and approve all employee elections and make edits to coverage levels, effective dates, and rates if necessary—all in one place.

View & Edit Employee Timesheets

View hours worked, overtime, and holiday hours for each pay period, and customize individual access for review, editing, or approvals with permissions.

Single Source of Data

Any data entered into BambooHR—including wages, hours, account numbers, benefits, deductions, and withholdings—is always included in payroll.

Reporting & Data Review

Quickly review your benefits data at a glance, ensure accuracy, and easily export data for your broker or benefit providers.

Automated Approval Workflows

An automated task at the end of each pay period sends managers a simplified view of employee timesheets for review and approval.

Specialized Support Team

Direct access to a dedicated support team with extensive payroll knowledge.

Carrier Connections

Send employee enrollment data directly to a growing list of top benefits carriers, all without the hassle and error of double entry.

Automatic Overtime Calculations

Overtime pay is automatically calculated for all 50 U.S. states, based on the employee's location.

Bundle & Save!

Get a 15% discount when you combine Payroll and Benefits Administration with the Core or Pro plan.*

* Bundle discount is currently only available for employees based in the US.

Popup Data

HR Data

Benefits Tracking
Manage benefits packages and benefits groups, including ACA reporting, for your entire organization.
Company Announcements
Deliver important communications to employees regarding company news, events, and important announcements.
Company Branding
Customize your BambooHR account with your company colors and logo.
Company Links
Create internal links to outside websites for employees to access with ease.
Custom Tabs & Fields

Add custom tabs, tables, and fields to the employee record so you can track your unique data with ease.

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Document Storage
Eliminate the hassle of collecting and storing physical paperwork while keeping documents organized.
Email Alerts
Update employees on company announcements, time-off requests, information updates, and pending approvals.
Employee Directory & Org Chart
Enjoy fast access to employee contact information, location, and department, plus a visual map of all your teams.
Employee Profile
Empower employees to keep their own personal information current with standard, optional, and custom fields.
Employee Records

Create order out of chaos by tracking all of your HR data in one secure database, accessible from anywhere.

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Mobile App

Put the power of BambooHR in every employee’s hand with mobile access to most desktop features. Available for iOS and Android devices.

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Notification Center
Built-in notification center for employees to receive messages and updates about the company.
Time-Off Calendar
Keep tabs on which team members are out on which days on this easy calendar.
Time-Off Management

Streamline time-off requests, accruals, approvals and overall management.

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Training Tracking
Track employee training to ensure compliance and monitor employee development.
Workflows & Approvals

Built-in workflows streamline employee information updates and time-off requests.

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ACA Reporting
Prepare necessary ACA reports and documentation with the click of a button.
Audit Trail
Track who made changes to data in the system and when.
Custom Reporting
Generate custom reports in seconds with our simple custom report builder.
Standard Reporting

Get strategic insight on the most common HR KPIs in seconds.

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Applicant Tracking System
Find and hire the right people quickly with our complete ATS solution.
Candidate Keyword Search
Find keywords in candidates' resumes, cover letters, locations, and custom application questions, and then filter results based on various attributes.
Candidate Record

View contact information, resumes, cover letters, answers to custom application questions, and the candidate's status and rating.

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Email & Offer Letter Templates
Create customizable email templates that auto-populate with candidate info for candidate communication, offer letters, and rejections.
Hiring Mobile App

Access candidate information, review applications, collaborate with hiring teams, and communicate with candidates on the go.

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Job Boards

Auto-post job openings for free on job boards like Indeed, Glassdoor, and ZipRecruiter.

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Job Openings
Reach qualified candidates quicker than ever while staying organized through all phases of hiring. Download the mobile app, BambooHR Hiring, to boost your hiring speed even more. Available for iOS and Android.
Talent Pools
Keep track of and nurture previous candidates to get a headstart on recruiting for your next open position.


Electronic Signatures

Eliminate the hassle of collecting and storing signed paperwork by allowing new hires and current employees to sign important documents electronically.

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New Hire Packet

Send electronic preboarding packets to new hires with details about their first day, digital forms and required reading, team introductions, and more.

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Offboarding Tasks

Create, assign, and track offboarding activities to stay organized and ensure compliance.

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Onboarding Tasks

Create, assign, and track onboarding activities for new hires and employees.

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Welcome Emails

Announce new hires to the entire company with automatic email introductions.

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Performance Management

360 Feedback
Gather comprehensive feedback from managers, direct reports, and peers.
Assessment Templates
Use our pre-built templates to run effortless, objective Performance reviews.
Automated Reminders
Select the method and frequency, and we’ll send automated reminders to you and your employees.
Custom Questions
Customize your review questions to fit the needs of your organization.
Custom Review Cycles
Schedule your review cycles at a pace that fits your needs. You can also run impromptu assessments, skip assessments, or run 30, 60, 90-day checkins!
Double-Blind Assessments
Eliminate bias through double-blind assessments.
File Upload
Attach important performance-related files and documents to your goals.
Goal & Sub-Goal Tracking
Create, track, and share individual and team goals & sub-goals directly inside BambooHR.
Impromptu Assessments
Run ad hoc performance assessments whenever you need to.
Mobile Assessments
Complete your performance review directly from your mobile device!
Multiple Review Cycles
Create multiple review cycles with specific questions and scheduling.
Peer Feedback
Collect anonymous feedback from your employees’ peers.
Pre-Built Reporting
Get meaningful insights about your company performance through multiple different lenses with our pre-built performance reports.
Segment by Employee Type
Filter your data by different cohorts: departments, managers, salary levels, locations, and types of employement

Employee Experience

AI-Powered Topic Summaries
A powerful AI engine that instantly reviews and categorizes eNPS free responses into common themes.
Employee Experience Survey with eNPS

Understand how employees perceive your company and track your improvement efforts at a glance.

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Employee Wellbeing Survey

Dig deep into the factors affecting employee happiness, engagement, and motivation.

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Equity Projections
Easily see what your equity would be worth if the company valuation were to increase.
Heatmap Analysis
Gain a deeper understanding of your eNPS data using heatmap visualization.
Keyword Analysis
Automatically group your survey responses into positive, negative, and neutral buckets.
Research-Validated Question Bank
Pull from a library of research-backed questions to gauge employee wellbeing.
Total Rewards Statement
Our total compensation statements paint the complete picture of your employees’ compensation package.

Employee Community

Community Feed Widget
Stay informed of what’s happening at your company with this customizable home page widget.
Company Events
Create and add company events to the company-wide calendar.
Customizable Groups
Create employee groups based on department, office location, shared interests, etc.
Email Notifications
Automatically notify your employees when a post has been published.
Employee Polls
Run fast, multiple choice polls with up to 10 options.
Event Calendar
Track important company events like birthdays, work anniversaries, or gatherings.
Post Analytics Dashboard
Get an instant snapshot of engagement trends within your employee community.
Post Attachments
Attach important documents, files, and links to your posts.
Post Read Confirmations
Label certain posts as mandatory and require a digital signature to show that it has been read.
Post Scheduling
Schedule posts to be sent at a certain time and date.
Slack Integration
Integrate directly with Slack so that posts are published to a desired Slack channel.

Integration Marketplace

BambooHR Marketplace

Get even more out of your BambooHR experience with integrated apps from our technology partners.

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BambooHR Open API
Our open API makes it possible to integrate other applications into BambooHR so data can be shared across systems.

Customer Support

Chat Support
Need to chat? Our live Support Heroes - not bots - are ready to help. Chat support is available Monday through Friday, 8am - 5pm
Email Support
Our dedicated Support Heroes are available to help answer your questions. Email support is available Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm (MT)
Telephone Support
Need to talk with an actual person about an issue? Call us toll free Monday through Friday, 8am - 5pm (MT) and speak with a live Support Hero
Success Webinar Library
Weekly customer success webinars teach you how to get the most out of BambooHR.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does BambooHR cost?

For companies with more than 25 employees, our HR software is priced on a per-employee, per-month basis. For companies with 25 employees or fewer, our HR software pricing is charged at a monthly flat rate. We never require an annual contract, and we automatically apply volume discounts as your employee count rises. All this means you receive a great price for our HR software with no hassle on your end. Reach out to one of our Account Executives for a price quote.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit cards and ACH for customers paying monthly. We also accept wire transfers and checks from customers interested in annual prepayment.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes! Volume discounts are automatically applied to all accounts based on headcount. Your discount will increase as your headcount increases—no need to request it or negotiate new pricing.

  • Ask us about our bundle discount for purchasing HR, Benefits, and Payroll together!
  • We offer an additional 15% off to registered non-profit organizations.

Does BambooHR integrate with other software?

Yes! We currently have over 120 integration partners, and we’re always developing new ways to help customers in every industry build their own perfect, seamless solution. You can browse our extensive integration marketplace here.

How difficult is it to switch to BambooHR Payroll?

We designed BambooHR Payroll to be easy to use and easy to implement. You’ll collaborate one-on-one with a dedicated Payroll Project Manager to set everything up and run your first payroll. Expert support is always available anytime afterwards, too—no matter if it’s your 5th payroll run or your 500th.

Why BambooHR?

Our customers explain it best.