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Glossary of Human Resources Management and Employee Benefit Terms

Flexible Workplace

What Is a Flexible Workplace?

A flexible workplace prioritizes adaptive and responsive strategies to address changing expectations and circumstances within the company. A truly flexible workplace creates flexible employees, is managed by flexible employers, and runs on a flexible schedule.

These strategies are used to increase productivity and improve the satisfaction and happiness of employees, thus better meeting the needs of both employees and employers.

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How Can a Workforce Be Flexible?

A flexible workplace offers employees the freedom to work how they want. Therefore, if you want your workplace to be more flexible, you need to leverage practices that allow that freedom. Here are some initiatives your company can champion to encourage better flexibility:

What Are Some Examples of Flexibility in the Workplace?

The following are common initiatives companies have implemented to improve workplace flexibility:

Why Is Being Flexible Important in Business?

Flexibility is so important for businesses to adopt because it shows that your organization treats its employees like human beings.

No longer will employees tolerate being treated like a cog in a machine. To keep a foot in the door in today’s incredibly competitive job market, your company needs to offer more benefits and perks to attract high-level employees.

Prioritizing a flexible workplace also shows that your company cares about the well-being of your employees and their personal needs. Job candidates who see this quality in your company can be more enticed to apply because work-life balance feels more achievable.

What Are the Benefits of Flexibility in the Workplace?

Both employees and employers can benefit from a more flexible workplace. Here’s how both sides can benefit.

Employee Benefits

Flexible workplaces have more obvious benefits for employees since the added flexibility is meant to make their lives easier. Here are just a few ways they benefit:

Employer Benefits

While they may not experience direct positive results, employers still have a lot to gain from allowing greater flexibility in their employee’s lives.