Here’s your Open Enrollment Communications Plan for 2023.

The links below will open Google Doc templates you can customize for your company’s open enrollment launch.

Open Enrollment Communication Timeline

After you’ve set the start and end dates for your enrollment period, follow the recommended communications send dates on this timeline to make sure no message gets overlooked.


Open Enrollment Kick-Off Email

Give your employees a headstart on reviewing their benefits options by sending this email 2 to 4 weeks before they’re able to start making their elections.


First Day of Open Enrollment Email

Use this email to announce the official start of your benefits enrollment window and remind everyone of the resources you have available to help them make informed decisions.


Open Enrollment Deadline Approaching Email

Deadlines keep the working world turning, but they’re still easy to forget. This email is the nudge your workers may need to complete their elections on time.


Post-Enrollment Feedback Email + Survey

Now your enrollment communications plan is underway, this survey will give you invaluable insights to help you improve your company’s benefits enrollment process overall.


Open Enrollment FAQs

We’ve listed some of the most common questions employees ask about benefits, which means when you download this template, your internal FAQ is already 50% complete.


BONUS! 6 Tactics for Better Benefits Communication

Communications templates in hand, here are 6 strategies you can use to streamline communication during open enrollment and mitigate repetitive employee questions.

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