BambooHR vs Zenefits

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Better First Impressions

A native applicant tracking system for seamless hiring and onboarding

​​Engaged Employees

Employee experience tools to better support your people

Superior Customer Support

Human-centric support and award-winning customer care

Worry-Free Paydays

Smoother payroll and meticulous tax service

Save-as-you-grow pricing

The more you grow and hire, the more you save

User Friendly

Easy for everyone to use

How Do BambooHR & Zenefits Compare?


Create a better experience for everyone.

Zenefits offers onboarding but not applicant tracking, so you’ll need to rely on a third-party integration for recruiting, evaluating, and keeping track of candidate information.

Our award-winning Applicant Tracking System helps HR collaborate with hiring managers and quickly find, evaluate, and hire the right talent with:

  • Offer letter templates
  • Customizable new hire packets
  • Searchable talent pools
  • Our Hiring mobile app
Customer Support

Get expert answers right when you need them.

Zenefits relies primarily on email to provide customer service. Reviewers frequently report that support is non-existent and issues take a long time to resolve.

BambooHR provides a human-centered approach to customer service with prompt support via phone, email, or chat. Our award-winning Support Heroes are diligently trained on the full scope of the product, so any of them can answer your questions.


Let us do the heavy lifting.

Zenefits offers payroll, but some users report serious issues with how Zenefits handled their payroll taxes.

BambooHR makes running payroll easy, quick, and stress-free with:

  • A single source of data
  • Comprehensive payroll reporting
  • Knowledgeable customer support
  • Full-service tax filing

Increased Payroll Accuracy

Employee Experience

Build a great place to work.

Zenefits offers engagement tools, but to get employee surveys or a company announcement feed, you have to pay an extra charge per employee.

BambooHR makes it easy to measure and improve the employee experience with the following tools:

  • Employee Satisfaction: Build a stronger workplace culture.
  • Employee Wellbeing: Spot problem areas, boost retention, and support your people.

Both tools come standard with our most popular plan.

Pricing & packaging

Save as you grow.

Zenefits is more expensive than BambooHR, with packages starting at almost $2 more per employee than BambooHR. You’ll also need to lock into a year contract to get their lower price. Zenefits doesn’t offer volume discounts.

BambooHR is designed to grow with you. With our volume discount, the more you grow, the more you save! We’re exclusively a month-to-month service, so we won’t tie you down with long-term contracts.

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Why Customers Love BambooHR


“Zenefits promises a lot and delivers little. They promise the moon and then when you go to do implementation, it actually doesn’t work the way it promises to. The good news about BambooHR is that they do not oversell themselves. They are very clear and fulfill their customer promise. Their customer service is great, and you know exactly what you’re getting.”

Stephanie Tate, Head of People

Who’s Using BambooHR?

We Set You Free to Do Great Work

BambooHR helps you automate critical HR tasks, empowers you to become strategic with clean reporting and analytics, and gives you tools to boost engagement and retention. With our add-ons, integrations, and per-month, per-employee pricing, you choose (and pay for) only what you need. And with our award-winning implementation service and easy-to-love user experience, we get you up and running quickly so you can focus on peoplework instead of paperwork.

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