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How Thanksgiving can Increase Workplace Success

This week kicks off the holiday season, and you may be concerned about the affect all the distractions will have on your and employees’ productivity (shopping, parties, cooking, decorating, traveling—there’s a lot of non-work stuff to coordinate). But actually, the holidays—Thanksgiving in particular—can positively influence the workplace. Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage and […]

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5 Things To Consider When You Create Your Vision Statement

What, exactly, is the value of a vision statement? After all, not every successful business has a great vision statement. Right? Well … Granted, Apple doesn’t have a very good vision statement and they do okay for themselves. But they’re Apple; their vision statement could be “We want to eventually bomb Mars” and we’d still […]

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Lead From Where You Are

Titles haven’t ever been a huge deal at Bamboo. Sure, we have junior and senior positions. Yes, there are managers. But when it comes to leading, everyone is encouraged to step up to the plate. That’s why we added “lead from where you are” to our company values last year. We’d been living it for […]

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Introducing: BambooHR Professional

2015 has been a busy year! We’ve rolled out a brand new BambooHR Professional platform that will not only make you more efficient but also help you operate more strategically within your organization. We’ve put together in-depth information about the details of this new HRIS package on our site, but here’s an overview of the […]

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Ode to the Bamboo Blog

A little over two years ago, I officially re-entered the workforce after my youngest child went to first grade. It felt weird at first, especially the first time I sat in a conference room with people all talking about business objectives and goals. I felt like an imposter. Like they were going to realize their […]

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Employees Doing the Right Thing . . . Just Because

As a child, your parents probably encouraged you to do the “right” thing. When you were smaller, they guided you in the right direction, encouraging you to “say thank you,” “ask nicely,” or “be kind.” As we grew, our parents expected us to still do the right thing, but they gave us more freedom to […]

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Getting the Most Out of Elevate 2015

Do you remember life before TED talks? Believe it or not, there was a time when TED wondered whether there was an audience or not for their talks on video. Now, billions (with a ‘B’!) of views later, it’s clear (Yes!). We live in an age when people have an insatiable desire to learn more […]

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Getting the Most Out of your People [INFOGRAPHIC]

More than anything, we in HR want to see our people succeed. We were probably involved when they were hired, and we are certainly involved in their retention. Sometimes we encounter employees when they feel like they’re not going anywhere. They want to know why they’re not being promoted or aren’t getting the raise they […]

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