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33 (Free) Online Classes for HR Development

“Be more strategic!” “Take your seat at the table.” “Keep up with best practices.” Thought leaders keep preaching to the HR choir about sharpening skills. Yes, there are plenty of people telling us that we need to be better prepared for the daunting changes on the workplace horizon, but they don’t seem to understand that […]

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Company Core Values Lay the Foundation

Italy is sooo beautiful. Several years ago, my family and I stayed in this tiny Italian village up a mountain. I loved strolling through the cobblestone streets; there was something gritty and beautiful about all those old buildings. I admired the lush flowers on every doorstep and the old stone peeking through the stucco. Inside […]

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7 Time-Management Tips for Startup Employees

There’s a good chance you’ve already figured out how to manage your time. But your company is probably growing fast and you’re incredibly busy wearing all your hats that it feels like what you really need is time wizardry. Everyone wants to be more efficient and effective in our work, right? But since time wizardry […]

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What’s on your HR software wish list?

I love window shopping! I’m drawn to the sparkly, perfectly staged displays. Sometimes I just stand outside, wishing and hoping. From the other side of the window (or from inside an office somewhere), those of us who are creating and offering a product to buyers wonder who those people are—the wishers and hopers wondering about […]

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Onboarding: The Power of Personal Connections

If you’re like me, you’ve been “onboarded” more than a couple times. Americans on average will change jobs 10 times between the ages of 18 and 37 and if you’re a millennial or Generation Y, chances are you’ll be onboarded many (many, many!) more times throughout your career. While many HR professionals and business managers […]

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Finding Gender Gaps in Performance Reviews

Men are from Mars, Women from Venus—yes, we’ve all heard. We’ve accepted men and women differ in many ways. Those differences don’t end when we walk through the office doors every morning (or log in for those of us who work remotely). That’s part of what makes us complimentary on teams and why it’s important […]

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Recruiters, Don’t Be Afraid of Multi-Generational Applicants

Hands up if you’ve heard any of these stereotypes before: · Baby boomers don’t know anything about technology. · They’re inflexible and not open to compromise. · Baby boomers take a ton of sick days. What about millennial stereotypes? Have you heard they love change and are tech-savvy? When it’s put that way, of course […]

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Think your Company Is Too Small for HR? Think Again

Every company started somewhere. Sometimes it’s a small group of people gathered around a cast-off kitchen table in a basement. Or someone working a regular 9-to-5er with an idea that keeps gnawing its way to the surface. Perhaps there’s an actual office space and a bean-bag chair (possibly a CEO reading Louis L’Amour books) where […]

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