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Be Transparent in your Job Listing [Recruit and Retain Talent Series #3]

Now that you’ve defined your culture and nailed your messaging, it’s time to really save yourself hours of headaches dealing with the wrong applicants by doing your job listing right. If you’re getting flooded with people that just don’t fit, then your posting isn’t cutting it. You simply don’t have time to spend poring through […]

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Product Update: Inbox Redesign defines an inbox as “a boxlike tray, basket, or the like, as on a desk, for holding incoming mail, messages, or work.” Of course, the inbox for BambooHR is not a physical basket, but its purpose is the same. It holds things that need your attention: time-off requests, onboarding and offboarding items, info change requests and […]

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Bamboo Love: September Customer Quotes

I love compiling this list of customer quotes every month. It’s gratifying to know—and keep hearing about—how much BambooHR is helping companies and how happy it’s making customers. We’re very proud of our customer service and implementation teams. They’re always doing big and little things that go above and beyond to make the customer experience top […]

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Product Update: Applicant Tracking System

People are always talking about where and how to find the best talent, especially those in growing companies. You can’t grow if you’re not hiring, right? It seems like startups are in constant hire mode. It makes sense that small companies are looking to buy HR software to relieve them of their many responsibilities. We […]

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Relinquish Things That Overwhelm You at Work [GIF]

Everyone wants to be productive. Sometimes at work, we get bogged down by things that overwhelm us and keep us from getting things done and then get frustrated. Then the work piles on, and we’re even more frustrated! It’s an endless cycle. Sometimes you’ve just got to find ways to let go of the things […]

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Hurdling Communication Barriers

As a communication studies major in college, I subscribed to the belief that the answer to any issue was a need for more communication. I remember the resentful look on my mother’s face when I told her she just needed to participate in more reflective listening with my angsty teenage sister. As I come out […]

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Onboarding: Recruiting Doesn’t End When New Hires Start

Do you know what new employees really want? Are you sure? It’s important to be asking questions and staying close to new hires so there aren’t any surprises. Are you checking in? Do you have scheduled interviews so the new hire can air out any questions they have? We all know that getting employees productive […]

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Mobile App: Where Do You Use BambooHR? [VIDEO]

The other day, my 12-year-old daughter told me she simply couldn’t live without her mobile phone. I asked her, “So if you could choose food or your phone while stranded on a desert island, what would it be?” She chose the phone. I assured her that she could live without her phone and would die […]

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Company Culture Increases Productivity [HR Hero Series #7]

Company culture really gets your people involved in something they can care about passionately. Culture affects everything about a company including the direction the company takes. As such, it’s important to think about culture early. Consider everything from hiring practices to reward programs to values. What are the behaviors that you’re going to model? You […]

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