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Bamboo Love: August’s Top Customer Quotes

At BambooHR, we love to see our customers happy. We use the term “Bamboo Love” when we tell each other stories about how our software or people made customers (or potential customers) very happy. We like to share what our customers say when BambooHR makes a customer’s day and hope it will create more of these […]

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Be a Stand-out Hero with Job Descriptions and Career Pathing [HR Hero Series #4]

HR is often overlooked. Even when we do things just as we should in our many responsibilities, it’s not noteworthy. We’re usually singled out only when things go wrong. Even though we all know that HR makes everyone else’s jobs—and lives—easier! HR also knows that employees need recognition. And although we’re usually the ones recognizing […]

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Creating a Don’t-Feel-Guilty-To-Take-Time-Off Culture

I can’t believe summer is just about over. My kids got on a school bus last week and before I knew it, a whole school year began—complete with backpacks, homework and tests. Thankfully my kids are geared up and ready, and I believe it’s largely due to the several trips we were able to take […]

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3 Questions Your New Hire Will Have on the First Day

You’re probably familiar with your onboarding process. Chances are, you go through it pretty often. But the first day on a new job probably feels to your new hires a lot like entering a foreign nation rife with strange cultural rituals and a technical language that sounds nothing like the jargon they studied for the […]

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The Employee Lifecycle [Workplace Deal Breaker Series]

I’m celebrating my work anniversary this week. I take a lot of pride in the time I’ve spent at my job because I believe it shows commitment. And to be honest, it’s nice when managers, HR and coworkers notice and remember. It’s always fun to celebrate, right? Plus, we all know that employees become more […]

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Reward and Recognition: The Secret to Uniting a Remote Workforce

Culture isn’t just for people in the office. With flexible workplaces on the rise, you may find yourself managing a team of people who could be working from just about anywhere in the world. In fact, according to studies, telecommuting has increased 80 percent recently and continues to grow. Since your people aren’t necessarily sitting […]

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Product Update: Emergency Tab Redesign

Emergencies happen. And you’ve got to be ready for them when they do. That’s why you need to have emergency information for all your employees. Within BambooHR, each employee record has a tab for storing this important information that includes names and phone numbers. Employees can enter and update this information any time they’d like […]

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BambooHR is online HR software for small and medium-sized businesses that have outgrown spreadsheets. Automating some HR functions will free you up to do meaningful work.

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