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Performance Reviews: Who Do They Really Help? [INFOGRAPHIC]

A while back, I posted a blog stating that performance reviews were broken and was surprised by the responses from customers and readers. I learned performance reviews are a topic that people care about. A lot. That’s why we decided to focus our efforts on performance reviews on our latest survey—to dig down and get to the root of […]

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Bamboo Love: Happy Customers of June

Nothing makes us happier than hearing our customers say how much they love BambooHR! We throw around the term “Bamboo Love” when we share stories about our software or service making customers (or even potential customers) happy. We’re pretty much on a Bamboo high right now, with all of our amazing customers who have stopped […]

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Advice from a Recruiter: 7 Things You Cannot Do on LinkedIn

Recruiters love LinkedIn. If we’re not looking for applicants on LinkedIn, we’re definitely checking all our applicants’ profiles. We want to make sure applicants look as great on LinkedIn as they do on our ATS. We definitely know our way around LinkedIn, so we also know when applicants are making mistakes that can hurt their chances getting […]

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5 Ways HR Impacts Employee Engagement [QUIZ]

Employee engagement is one of the biggest challenges we face in HR. We’re tasked with the job to hire, train and retain great people, but those employees will never be great if they’re not engaged. And currently, less than one-third of all employees feel they’re engaged in their work. Do you know how engaged your […]

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Company Retreats: The Secret for Working Remotely

It started out as an experiment: we decided to abandon the office for six months to see what it was like to work remotely. We were a group of ten engineers. Today, five years later, we are a team of 34 and thrive working without an office. Without a doubt, it was one of the […]

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An Unexpected Employee Benefit to Boost Productivity [VIDEO]

Do you work well when you’re panicked about paying for a needed surgery? Or worried about having enough to pay your credit card bills? Or wanting to contribute to retirement? No matter how much you try not to let personal problems seep into work and productivity, it’s nearly impossible. Benefits—even seemingly small ones—impact the real lives of […]

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10 Ways To Grow Together as a Team

You may have heard the adage, “Those who work together, stay together.” Of course, at any job, you’re working together but that doesn’t always mean you’ll stay together. I’d like to add a new twist to this old adage. And that’s that those teams (who are already working together) who play together, stay together. You see, a big […]

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