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5 Places To Focus When Recruiting for Culture Fit

Do you hire for culture fit? I like to think of it like this: Companies have personalities, much like people do. People are friends with other people because their personalities just click. It works that same way with employees and their companies. It should just click. And candidates who fit right in to the culture of […]

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Companies That Really Get Onboarding

Bringing on new employees is an exciting time. It’s exciting for the new employee but also for the company who is bringing a new team member into the fold. Most new employees—no matter how confident—will feel a bit nervous having to meet new people and understand a whole new company culture. It’s the company’s job to […]

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Common Perceptions of Productivity

Perception is reality. Perception is everything. But is it? If you could choose, what would be more important? Productivity or the perception of being productive? In offices all around the world, people are doing things to make themselves seem more productive to their teams and managers. In fact, I Google’d “How to look productive at […]

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Having Communication Problems Across Departments?

I have childhood memories of sitting on the bench alone, my legs swinging back and forth as the rest of my softball team was playing the field. When I did get out there, right field was an expansive wonderland, ripe with day dreams, my choice of dandelions to pick and the softest grass that was […]

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Product Sneak Peek: Employee Profile Is Getting A New Look

BambooHR users spend a lot of time in employee profiles. That’s where you can see pretty much anything you need to know about an employee—including job history, personal information, time off information, notes, compensation and more. You probably know the employee profile layout like the back of your hand! That’s why you’ll notice some changes […]

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Using Emoticons in the Workplace

We’ve all had it happen before: You either send or receive a simple email, text or instant message but because of the lack of body language, the message is misinterpreted. This can be a major problem in workplaces where text communication is relied upon so much. Enter the emoticon. At BambooHR, our teams use different […]

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11 Ideas to Recognize Employees for FREE!

One of the most important parts of getting employee recognition just right is making sure to tailor it to each employee. Of course, this means you need to know your people and what motivates them (and what doesn’t). Some people don’t like to be singled out or publicly recognized, while others may thrive on it! […]

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