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BambooHR and GoalSpan Team Up

Only one in eight workers feels engaged at work. So not only do you probably have more than a few of them taking up space at your office, but they’re affecting your company by being less productive, taking more sick days and they’ll be staying a lot less time (which is probably a good thing […]

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BambooHR and Coursetto Integrate

We know how important training is to HR. But not just HR. Every single employee benefits and grows from ongoing training. HR watches over all employees in their quest to become the very best at their jobs and always do great, fulfilling work. As if that isn’t enough, training is also a huge part of […]

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Product Update: Multi-Level Approvals

Communication in the office is vital. But unfortunately, sometimes it feels like it’s so much more work to stop everything you’re doing to include everyone on what’s going on. Because we heard some of our customers were experiencing pains in this area, we at BambooHR have updated our HR software to include multi-level approvals. This […]

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Meet Smart Rhino Labs—BambooHR’s Awesome Customer

At BambooHR, our mission is to set people free to do great work. Our awesome customers are doing great things, and we’re proud of the way they’re changing the world. That’s why we wanted to showcase some of our customers in a new blog series, BambooHR’s Awesome Customers. Next up, Smart Rhino Labs. 1. What’s […]

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Be Thoughtful about your Company Holiday Party

I’ve heard a lot of people grumble about having to go to their company holiday party. If you’ve seen The Office, then it’s no surprise why. But the point of a party is to be fun. So why do people hate going to their holiday parties? Well, I for one actually like going to my […]

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What Do Employees Really Think About their Companies?

If you’re involved in recruiting, you’ve probably heard about Glassdoor. (And if not, I’d suggest checking it out ASAP to see what your employees have said about your company.) Potential applicants want to know how employees honestly feel about their companies so applicants can have insider information when they’re thinking about applying for or accepting a new job. […]

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3 H’s of Hiring

Recruiting is probably a huge part of your job. You’ve most likely spent your fair share of time at job fairs, writing and posting job listings, reviewing resumes and interviewing. And you’re not alone. 42 percent of HR professionals cited recruiting as the place where they spend a lot or most of their time and […]

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The Heart and Head of HR

We in HR try to please a lot of people. Leaders expect you to make sure everything is running smoothly in the background, while each and every employee looks to you as the go-to person for all the details related to the job, company and benefits. Pretty much anything at work that isn’t directly related […]

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Meet Sherpany—A Customer Success Study

A startup is typically not known for its rigid structures and deadlocked processes. That’s why we were surprised and thrilled with BambooHR, a solution with a simple user interface and an easy integration of known processes such as recruiting and gives us all the flexibility any startup needs. Nadine Sauter, our Human Resource expert and […]

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BambooHR is online HR software for small and medium-sized businesses that have outgrown spreadsheets. Automating some HR functions will free you up to do meaningful work.

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