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It’s Time To Stand Out as an HR Hero

HR is an unsung hero most of the time. Even when we do things just as we’re supposed to in all of our many varied roles, it seems it’s not even noteworthy. In fact, the only time we’re usually singled out is when things go wrong—when there’s a compliance issue or a legal problem. No […]

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Product Update: Documents Tab Redesign

Back in April, we released our redesigned Files area and received a great response. Here are some of the comments we received: • “Nice upgrade! In our 8 months in Bamboo, we have seen an excellent set of upgrades. Keep them coming!”  —David at Aceros Levinson • “I love you!! THANKS!!”  —Sam at Maaly Management […]

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Which Workplace Spirit Animal Are You? [QUIZ]

People love to figure out what sets them apart from everyone else. Isn’t that why we’re always seeing our friends posting their “quiz” results on social media? Apparently, Anna is an orchid on the which-flower-are-you quiz and Dave is 91 percent awesome on the how-awesome-are-you quiz. I admit, I’ve taken them. I was proud (and […]

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Gender Gaps [Workplace Deal Breaker Series]

Back in college, I was obsessed with the plays of Wendy Wasserstein. To this day (dare I say how many years later?), I will always think of Wendy Wasserstein and her play “Isn’t It Romantic” (written in 1983—and no, I wasn’t in college that long ago!) when I consider yet again if it’s possible for […]

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Are You Leadership Quality? Try Being a Mentor First

“Leaders don’t create followers. They create more leaders.” —Tom Peters I recently had a conversation with a friend who told me about one of her employees. We’ll call her Sally. She described Sally as sharp and reliable—great at her job—but was floundering as a mentor. Sally was chosen to train and mentor a new employee […]

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4 Ways HR Uses Pinterest

I don’t know one person who couldn’t lose themselves for an hour—or four—on Pinterest. I turn to Pinterest when I need more information about pretty much anything. And we organization freaks love a tidy way to keep ideas together. I see folders for dream-home ideas, healthy recipes, fashion combinations, funny memes, pictures of cute cuddly […]

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BambooHR and Bitium Team Up

BambooHR and Bitium have a lot in common: We both believe in making lives—and jobs—easier by bringing information together into one centralized database. We also know that using the right tools can save your employees a ton of time so they can focus on doing their best work. Now we’re simplifying things even more by […]

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BambooHR is online HR software for small and medium-sized businesses that have outgrown spreadsheets. Automating some HR functions will free you up to do meaningful work.

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