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Bamboo Love: Our Favorite Customer Quotes from February

It’s that time again—when the end of the month rolls around and I get to gather quotes from our happy customers. Although February is the shortest month of the year, there was no shortage of happy customers. At BambooHR, we LOVE making our customers happy! Here are some of our favorite customer quotes for February: · “We […]

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Getting the Most Value from your Healthcare Plan [ACA Series]

You might find it surprising that healthcare is not a riveting topic of conversation amongst your employees. You may have even noticed their eyes glazing over when you’ve explained details about their healthcare plan in the past. But have you noticed how much more interesting it becomes when there’s an issue? When they come to you […]

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Setting Employees Up for Success

Don’t you love it when you find a golden employee? You know, one who is a hard worker and passionate about the job. You envision them going far. In recruiting, we love to see when one of our hires turns into a golden employee. It makes us feel like golden recruiters! You want to do […]

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Why Employee Success Equals Company Success [VIDEO]

Think of the last sporting event you watched. Surely you can think of one great player who made one—or many—amazing touchdowns, baskets, goals, etc. That individual’s success had an effect on the overall goal: to win. It’s pretty easy to relate this to your team at work. Each sale gets the team closer to the […]

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Every Employee Can Be a Leader

We’re really big on company values here at BambooHR. At our last company meeting, a new company value was unveiled: Lead from where you stand. Simply put, everyone can make a difference no matter their position. Leadership is comprised of qualities and personality traits and is not necessarily dependent on a job title. And leadership […]

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3 Benefits Employees (and their Companies) Gain from Exercise

I had been ready for another long, snowy winter complete with no ground sightings for months, but this winter has been unseasonably warm. It feels like autumn is still going strong. My walking buddy and I have never had to stop our our nightly walks. Company ultimate frisbee games have resumed on Fridays during lunch. The […]

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Need To Hire an HR Assistant? Think Outside the Box

We have a hard job in HR. We’re always working to fill holes in every department. We spend a lot of our time hiring great people, making sure every department has the people and the tools they need to be successful. So much so that sometimes HR gets left behind. From time to time, you’ve […]

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Internal Hires Need Onboarding Too

“Hire and promote internally!” You hear it all the time because it’s a really, really great idea to use the talent you’ve been fostering within your company. Plus, you don’t have to onboard them again, right? WRONG! Okay, well sort of. It’s true: You can get away with not teaching your employee about the company […]

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Workplace Grudges Stink. Forgive Instead.

Your coworkers are only human. And as such, they’re going to let you down. They’re going to do things that are wrong. And it will probably tick you off. Why? Because you’re only human too. So it’s natural to feel angry. Go out to your car and scream into your briefcase. When you get home, […]

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