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Mobile App: Where Do You Use BambooHR? [VIDEO]

The other day, my 12-year-old daughter told me she simply couldn’t live without her mobile phone. I asked her, “So if you could choose food or your phone while stranded on a desert island, you would choose your phone?” She chose the phone. I assured her that she could live without her phone and would […]

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Company Culture Increases Productivity [HR Hero Series #7]

Company culture really gets your people involved in something they can care about passionately. Culture affects everything about a company including the direction the company takes. As such, it’s important to think about culture early. Consider everything from hiring practices to reward programs to values. What are the behaviors that you’re going to model? You […]

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Share Your Culture [Recruit and Retain Talent Series #2]

You’ve worked hard getting your culture just right. Now you need to make sure people know about it—everywhere. Especially when you want to make a serious impact on recruiting. From an international study done by LinkedIn in 2014, 56 percent of respondents said the most important factor in deciding on a company is whether it […]

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Remind Me, Why Do Incentives Matter?

Employee incentives get a decent amount of attention in HR. You’re told you need them to keep your employees happy and for recruiting. But have you ever asked yourself why incentives really matter? Or if they even work? At BambooHR, we believe its important to know about “best practices,” but not just to adopt blindly. […]

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Is Honesty the Best Recruiting Policy?

Hey, check out these offices . . . Don’t these workspaces look fun? Highlighting fun offices has been trending as a recruiting tool for awhile now. Offices are looking awfully similar to themes park or sports bars, don’t you think? Sure, it’s fun. But according to HR technology resource Software Advice and their recent survey, fun […]

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Make Time Off Work for You [HR Hero Series #5]

Paid time off (PTO) can take up a lot of your time. HR has to deal with employee inquiries, figuring out payroll, making sure everything is getting tracked right. Spending so much time on manual processes is one of the top ways companies lose money, which includes tracking time off. We hear this term “work-life balance” often. […]

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BambooHR Leverages New ZenPayroll API for Integrated Payroll

Here at BambooHR, we’ve contemplated long and hard about what our purpose is in the ever-changing world of HR. We’ve known from opening day that we wanted to make it easier for companies all over the world, in every type of industry, to find balance between the time-consuming HR tasks that should be automated and the […]

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BambooHR is online HR software for small and medium-sized businesses that have outgrown spreadsheets. Automating some HR functions will free you up to do meaningful work.

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