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BambooHR Earns Top Workplace Award

At BambooHR, we believe we’re different. We think coming in to the office every morning (or beginning the work day at home for our remote people) is something to look forward to—not dread. We also have a panda for a mascot, and our CEO hands out frozen treats regularly. But BambooHR is so much more […]

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Product Update: BambooHR’s New Employee-Focused Design

People expect a great experience in any interaction with the software they use. Otherwise, they don’t use it. This is true for everything from our mobile devices to online banking and, most definitely, the software they use at work. At BambooHR, we’ve been dedicated to creating a great experience for our customers since the very […]

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Why Reward and Recognition Matter

Reward and recognition programs matter. Ask yourself a few key questions as you look at your own organization. Are you doing recognition thoughtfully and deliberately, or is it just something you flippantly discuss once every six months? Do we really care if our employees are in the “right seat on the bus” and have opportunities […]

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5 Ways To Build Up Your Team

Being on a team at work is kind of like being part of a second family. I mean, we usually spend at least eight hours a day with these people at work every day. Some days, that’s more time than we see our actual families! We work together, play together, cry together, laugh together. We’re […]

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Make Onboarding Last [Recruit and Retain Talent #6]

After all the time and effort you spend finding just the right candidate, you can’t waste it by not onboarding properly. You made a huge investment, so be thoughtful in your onboarding process and make it last. The onboarding study we conducted in February revealed that over 32 percent of new hires have had barely […]

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Creative Name Changes at Work: Do You Buy In? [VIDEO]

I’m a word girl. When a word or term doesn’t seem like it fits with what I’m trying to describe, I have problems. That’s why I think it’s totally understandable that many of us in HR are throwing out the term “human resources” and embracing new names that creatively describe what we’re actually doing—working with […]

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BambooHR is online HR software for small and medium-sized businesses that have outgrown spreadsheets. Automating some HR functions will free you up to do meaningful work.

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