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Exit Interviews: Ghosts of Employees Past

It’s scary to lose an employee. The team is disheartened to see one of their own leave. HR knows they have to start the long process of finding a replacement. And management is frightened of the staggering cost of replacing that employee. But there’s one thing you need to do right to bring lasting value […]

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Really Show Up for the Interview [Recruit and Retain Talent #5]

Interviewing applicants is a vital part of HR. You’ve got to define the interview process that works for you. Many times, especially in startups, things are so crazy and busy that interviewing can feel like a scramble: “Oh someone’s here, let’s go sit down and talk to her a little bit.” But it’s important to really […]

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Hiring Well for a Productive Team

Most teams need a productivity boost at some point. That’s why we’re teaming up with Expensify to offer a webinar to discuss creating a more productive team. One of the most important tips to understand about productivity is that it’s something you can be proactively promoting from the very beginning of each employee’s “life” at a company. In […]

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Meet Grasshopper—BambooHR’s Awesome Customer

At BambooHR, our mission is to set people free to do great work. Our awesome customers are doing great things, and we’re proud of the way they’re changing the world. That’s why we wanted to showcase some of our customers in a new blog series, BambooHR’s Awesome Customers.   First up, Grasshopper.  What’s Grasshopper’s story? Founded by two […]

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What’s Keeping HR Up at Night?

With Halloween right around the corner, I’ve been hearing a lot of scary HR stories. The really scary thing about HR is that it’s just unpredictable. You deal with people’s lives. Have you had similar things keep you up at night? · Not knowing things that are going on with employees. One HR pro told […]

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5 Places To Focus When Recruiting for Culture Fit

Do you hire for culture fit? I like to think of it like this: Companies have personalities, much like people do. People are friends with other people because their personalities just click. It works that same way with employees and their companies. It should just click. And candidates who fit right in to the culture of […]

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Companies That Really Get Onboarding

Bringing on new employees is an exciting time. It’s exciting for the new employee but also for the company who is bringing a new team member into the fold. Most new employees—no matter how confident—will feel a bit nervous having to meet new people and understand a whole new company culture. It’s the company’s job to […]

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Common Perceptions of Productivity

Perception is reality. Perception is everything. But is it? If you could choose, what would be more important? Productivity or the perception of being productive? In offices all around the world, people are doing things to make themselves seem more productive to their teams and managers. In fact, I Google’d “How to look productive at […]

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Having Communication Problems Across Departments?

I have childhood memories of sitting on the bench alone, my legs swinging back and forth as the rest of my softball team was playing the field. When I did get out there, right field was an expansive wonderland, ripe with day dreams, my choice of dandelions to pick and the softest grass that was […]

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