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Meet Centric Digital—A Customer Success Study

At BambooHR, our mission is to set people free to do great work. Our awesome customers are doing great things, and we’re proud of the way they’re changing the world. That’s why we wanted to showcase some of our customers in our blog series, BambooHR’s Awesome Customers. Next up, Centric Digital! What’s your company’s story?  Centric […]

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6 Employee Types for Your Zombie Apocalypse Team

With Zombie Awareness month just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about your strategy for the zombie apocalypse. If you’re anything like me, you’ve taken the CDC’s advice and are ready with a survival pack and family emergency plan. But what happens if the apocalypse happens while you’re at work? Will your employees quickly devolve into […]

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5 Traits of Intrapreneurial HR Professionals

An intrapreneur is an employee who takes initiative to develop something new in order to improve the company. If you’re looking for an example of intrapreneurship, look no further than your email inbox. If you’re one of the more than 500 million Gmail users, you’re benefitting from successful intrapreneurship. Liked your friend’s status on Facebook? […]

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Employee Loyalty Isn’t Dead—SMBs Keep It Alive

Big companies give small companies a bad rep. When they do mass layoffs, it makes front-page news. Journalists hammer to everyone that companies don’t care about their people anymore. They feature stories about employees who have dedicated their lives to a company being let go without a second thought. That’s when employees started pushing back. They stopped […]

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6 Ways to Reward a Remote or Scattered Workforce [VIDEO]

People want more and more flexibility with their work. And companies are helping their people be happier—and increasing retention—by giving them more opportunities to work remotely. According to one study, telecommuting has increased by 80 percent recently and it’s not stopping there. Sometimes it’s hard to unite a workforce that works remotely. Everyone has their […]

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Product Update: ACA Tracking Is Here

You probably already know that beginning in 2016, you will be required to report compliance with the Affordable Care Act to the IRS. Ugh! But don’t think you can procrastinate until tax time next year. The information you need to report will actually be from THIS YEAR (2015)! Is your heart rate increasing yet? Now […]

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Positivity: The Trait All Recruiters Should Look For

Have you ever had a job opening that you wanted to fill with someone that fit within this perfect puzzle piece? How long did it take you to fill that position? Sure, the applicants should have knowledge and passion for the specific skills you’re looking for. Yes, that’s important. But recruiters can still get great […]

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Onboarding: Want Brand Advocates? Start ‘em Early

Onboarding isn’t about paperwork and signatures. No, it’s so much more than that. (HR software can take care of a lot of that for you before a new hire even shows up on day one.) It’s about getting your new people comfortable and adjusted and, well, familiar with your company. But most importantly, your product […]

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15 Creative Benefit Ideas for Happy, Productive Employees

You’ve probably heard about some companies that offer their people pretty great benefits. From free food to multiple months of paid time off for new parents, companies are pulling out all the stops—and with good reason. Companies that effectively appreciate the value of employees enjoy a return on equity and assets more than three times […]

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