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Meet the Newest Cast Member at BambooHR

He’s a pudgy little fella, but we don’t hold that against him.Meet the beloved new cast member of the BambooHR marketing videos. He loves infographics (don’t we all?) and feels its his job to share our latest research with the world! We’re trying to come up with a name for our little guy. Pudgy . […]

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What You Should Know About Paid Sick Time

You know that feeling you get when your head starts to feel stuffy. You grab an orange and hope to stave off getting a full-fledged cold. But usually, there’s no hope. So you load up on medicine and trudge in to work anyway. Then you keep a box of Kleenexes nearby and try not to […]

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Where Does HR Get the Best ROI?

Doesn’t it feel good when you know you’ve made a good investment? Especially when you’re on a limited budget and know how important every dollar is! Nearly 90 percent of companies who took a chance on HR software feel that their investment was worth it—based on a recent survey conducted by online HR technology reviewer, […]

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Meet Pronto Marketing—BambooHR’s Awesome Customer [VIDEO]

At BambooHR, our mission is to set people free to do great work. Our awesome customers are doing great things, and we’re proud of the way they’re changing the world. That’s why we wanted to showcase some of our customers in our blog series, BambooHR’s Awesome Customers. Next up, Pronto Marketing! What’s your company’s story?  Pronto Marketing […]

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Commiserating About Resume Blunders

There’s nothing like a good story swap. Cowboys do it around a campfire. HR pros do it around a conference table. The only difference is the subject. A while ago, we asked a few HR pros to share some of their most terrifying HR stories. This time, we asked HR pros for their best (or […]

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Company Culture: Is It Time for a Makeover?

Did you know that 51 percent of employees think a major overhaul is currently needed in their company’s culture? If over half of employees think this way, then there is a problem. Investing in your company’s culture just makes good sense. You’ll keep great talent (you’ll engage your people by giving them a reason to […]

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Show Employees You Value Them While on a Limited Budget

Every job well done deserves some form of acknowledgement. In the business world, employee recognition is critical to shaping a successful workplace filled with happy people who feel appreciated for their hard work and are dedicated to your team’s mission. It usually proves true that when employees are made aware of their importance to the […]

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How Do You Promote Employees?

A promotion is a reward for doing a good job, right? If employees work hard and perform, then they will be rewarded for it by getting more money and more responsibility. Many times, that responsibility looks a lot like a managerial promotion. But could promoting employees that way be hurting us? Have you ever seen one of […]

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Meet Beans and Brews—A Customer Success Study [VIDEO]

Beans and Brews has a homegrown recipe for creating exceptional customer experiences. But to grow, it needed BambooHR for sharing accurate employee information and reports. The Company The Laramie family established the first Beans and Brews Coffee House in 1993 in Salt Lake City. Beans and Brews has 25 locations throughout Northern Utah and has […]

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