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Do You Care About Onboarding? You Should! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do you have new hires dropping off like leaves from a tree in October? Instead of flinging yourself onto that leaf pile in frustration, start raking in the information from our recent onboarding survey to learn how you can better onboard. In February, we questioned over 1000 people (in the US and currently employed) about […]

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Recruiting: The Great Talent Hunt

Some jobs are harder to fill than others. Ask any recruiter. Technical fields like computer science and certain types of engineering, even analytics, fall in this category. Sometimes these openings can take months and months to fill. And it’s not that there aren’t enough people to fill these jobs, just not many people have the […]

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6 Ways To Be Healthy at Work

I missed National Walk to Work Day last week. But to be honest, I’m not all that sad about it. When I think of all the miles and minutes it would take to actually walk to work (and all the traffic and waiting at cross street corners), it’s overwhelming. But I get the idea behind […]

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Will We Ever Have Equal Pay?

I’ve got this friend. She went back to work last year after spending some time putting her kids first. She felt a little restless, always working side jobs to stay current in her field, but finally felt she could go back to work full-time when her youngest went to kindergarten. She found a job easily […]

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BambooHR Files Redesign Coming Soon

You’re going to love how we’re redesigning our Files section. We’re working to make uploading, storing and sharing your files more intuitive and attractive. You’ll probably first notice the new “All Files” section we’re adding. This will contain all the files you have access to view and will give you a great shortcut to find […]

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Being Onboarded by the “Onboarding Guys”

From the editor: Just recently, we at BambooHR created and completed an onboarding survey. Since the results came roaring in, there’s been a lot of talk about it. We’ve been featured in magazines like Inc. and Forbes. Our data was picked up all over the world, even in New Zealand.  And we’ve written our share of […]

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13 Tips for Small Business to Recruit and Retain Great Talent

Last week, our CEO Ben Peterson and CornerstoneOnDemand’s VP of Small Business Operations Michael Cardan met up for a webinar on how to best recruit and retain talent. Because both of them have been using online technology to solve HR problems for years and have collectively spoken to thousands of HR practitioners, they really understand […]

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BambooHR and Okta Integration

There are only so many hours in a day. In a startup, each minute is valuable to every employee. It can be frustrating when you—and all your people—have to stop everything  and waste time signing in to each and every system you need to use in a day, trying to remember usernames and passwords for […]

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5 Reasons to Love HR Blogs

Some years back, we compiled a list of the Top 25 HR Blogs on the Internet. We spent time measuring and weighing, poking and prodding to find the most healthy blogs out there. We wanted to know which blogs HR leaders were engaging with and what most helped them. And then we shared what we […]

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Tracking Paid Time Off Just Got Easier—Much Easier

Tracking paid time off (PTO) can take up a lot of time—especially when you have paper forms to fill out or emails to send, need lots of approvals, have to manually check calendars, double-check who’s already taking time off and why, tie it to payroll, fix any mistakes. Yuck! And then, of course, you need […]

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