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PTO Calendar

Spend less time on time off.

Save hours of valuable time with our automated time off requests and approvals. Create your own categories of time off-like sick days, bereavement, jury duty and more. Set accrual policies. Track available and used time off. And generate reports.

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  • Accrual Policies
    In just a few steps, you can add time off policies and set accrual levels with waiting periods, amounts, when to record them, carryovers and maximum accruals.  After that, BambooHR's software takes over and manages it all.
  • Approvals
    Managers receive time off requests by email, and can approve them online or by phone. They can also quickly check to see how much time employees have accrued and who is gone at a given time. Employees receive an email, confirming the decision either way.
  • Requests
    All employees can request time off from their computer or mobile device. They can check their own balances, see a calendar of who is scheduled to be out, and submit requests to their managers. BambooHR handles the workflow automatically, so you don't have to.
  • Time Off Reporting
    Need a quick Time Off report? It's right at your fingertips, whether it's an existing report or new one you want to create. Choose the information to include and Bamboo does the rest. Like we said, it's quick.
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Centralize employee information.

BambooHR consolidates all of your employee information from all of your locations into a single view. You can then access, control, sort, analyze, and take action on the data instantly-from your office, the road or home.

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Unlimited Employee & Manager access.

Control access for
different types of users.

The great thing about our software is that everyone can access the data they need-but only within the permissions you control. We make it easy to create custom user groups with different levels of access.

Learn about Multi-User Access
  • Employee Self-Service
    Let your employees get what they need, when they need it. Think of the time you'll save when they can log into the BambooHR system for company documents, time off balances, benefits data, training information, and their own personal data.
  • Manager Self-Service
    Our software lets you give your managers more responsibility for tracking their employees' training, paid time off, and more-without increasing the time they have to spend doing it. That's because everything is automated and right at their fingertips.
  • Information Access
    The amount and type of information employees can access is completely in your control. Simply create custom user groups with different levels of access based on their roles.
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Generate Reports.

Ah, reports-the bane of HR departments everywhere.  But now with just a few clicks, you can export data into beautiful reports-whether you use the reports we've already set up, or ones you create. They'll all be automatically stored in the report library.

Learn more about Reporting
  • Custom Reports
    You've got to love a beautiful, customized report. That's why our software lets you filter, group, and sort just about every piece of data in the BambooHR system. Whatever it is you want to track, you'll have accurate data in a heartbeat.
  • Data Export
    Whether you're using the Report Library or creating a custom report, you can export any data in the BambooHR system into common formats like Excel, PDF, and CSV. And it won't take forever. Just a few clicks.
  • Report Library
    We've got a great report library already set up. Just choose, click and presto! Your data is all there, neatly compiled and ready to view. What kind of reports you ask? How about job and salary history, age and gender data, turnover rate, PTO and more. And you know that EEO-1 report that takes hours to create? Yep. Plan on about 5 seconds.
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Receive alerts.

BambooHR ensures that your people won't fall through the cracks. How? By making sure you never miss another training deadline, license renewal, birthday or benefit date. Our alerts feature notifies you of upcoming events, so you stay one step ahead.

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Email Alerts

How did we help a company go from 35% training compliance to 95%? Email alerts. That's right. Our easy-to-create email alerts remind you, managers and employees about benefit eligibility, birthdays, performance reviews, licenses and insurance expirations. Just to name a few. It's like having a personal secretary to keep you on your toes.

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Work globally.

Our global settings support all popular currencies, so you can track payroll in pesos, yens, Euros-whatever the local currency is. And for those of you who have offices in different corners of the world, we currently support six languages, so more people can see the software in their native tongue.

Learn more about Global Features
  • Multiple Currencies
    Pesos. Yen. Euros. Wons (yep they're Korean). You get the picture. If you have offices around the world, check out the ability to track payroll data in any local currency.
  • Aa
    Multiple Languages
    BambooHR currently supports six different languages. This means employees in different countries can see the software in their own language-and ensures nothing gets lost in translation
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Integrate Applications.

We have great partners integrated with our system, like payroll and applicant tracking. But we also have an open API, so it's easy to integrate with other systems, including any you've built in-house.

"BambooHR has become the central information hub of our company."

- Caroline Kim, HR Manager, Stacy and Witbeck

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