HR Terms and Acronyms Everyone Should Know

HR Terms and Acronyms

If you’re not an HR professional, becoming a walking dictionary of HR terms probably isn’t high on your priority list. HR is evolving, too—and the latest HR jargon isn’t something you’re likely to pick up around the water cooler (unless your water cooler is in the BambooHR office). But whether or not you’re in HR, […]

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How to Build Employee Incentive Programs that Work

Why do your employees do what they do? It’s not an easy question to answer, sometimes not even for the employees in question. Yet understanding the many factors that motivate your employees is the first step to implementing effective employee incentive programs in your organization. At the most basic level, people tend to divide these […]

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What Kind of Holiday Employee Are You?

What kind of Holiday employee are you?

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time to temper all the end-of-year chaos with a bit of fun in the form of a holiday quiz. But before taking the quiz to determine what kind of holiday employee you are, let’s establish some ground rules: Rule #1 – All Results Are Binding For the rest of […]

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The Best Practices of Giving Employee Feedback

Whether you’re tasked with giving employees positive feedback or negative, you need to get it right. Clear and accurate communication is one of the most important tools for any employee to master. As an HR professional, part of your job is to set the example for the rest of your organization. With time and practice, […]

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Working Hours Around the World [Infographic]

Working Hours Around the World

Working hours around the world vary significantly, which leads to a world of questions. We looked at data from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) showing the average weekly working hours for workers in 35 countries across the globe. While the results offer insights into the different lengths nations work, the takeaways are […]

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The Critical Difference Between a Boss and a Leader

While crafting a welcome packet for our annual virtual convention, HR Virtual Summit, we realized we were missing an official description for one of the BambooHR company values, “Lead from Where You Are.” That came as a surprise, especially considering how critical we feel this value is to our growth, our culture of shared responsibility, […]

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Introducing Our New ATS Mobile App: BambooHR Hiring

So, you’ve found the perfect candidate. Their resume ticks all the boxes. They blew everyone’s socks off in the interview, and their references rave about both their performance and interpersonal skills. As you’re putting the finishing touches on the offer letter and getting final approvals to hire, you see this in your inbox: Sound familiar? […]

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What Is Strategic HR & How To Achieve It

The first step to learning any new concept is to define it. So, let’s define an important question that many organizations are now asking: what is strategic HR? what does it mean to shift from administrative HR to strategic HR? The long answer to this question would take reading 75 percent of all the articles […]

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Meet BambooHR’s Newest Marketplace Partners

Meet BambooHR's Newest Marketing Partners

It’s time once again to announce our latest additions to the BambooHR Marketplace lineup. We’ve teamed up with these partners to bring your HR game to the next level. Whether you’re refining your employee engagement strategy or building out a comprehensive org chart, these partners can give you the tools you need. Engagedly Engagedly is […]

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