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HR Insights 4 min
HR Insights 4 min
More than 60 human resources experts and thought leaders gather online to give HR professionals knowledge and tools to achieve greater success.
Editor's Choice 3 min
What’s New in BambooHR: Payroll Tab and Homebase
New Payroll tab in BambooHR creates a time-saving homebase for visibility into important payroll dates, deadlines, and data changes.
Most Popular 7 min
The Best Questions to Ask in Performance Reviews
We’ve created a research-backed list of employee and manager questions for more effective performance reviews.
In Depth This Week 7 min
Navigating COVID-19 Vaccines and Masks in the Workplace
Cassie Whitlock, HR director at BambooHR, takes an in-depth look at the complex factors to consider when creating vaccination and mask policies.
most recent 7 min
So you’ve received a negative employee review? Check out our guide to learn more about how to respond to negative reviews the right way.
Hiring 10 min
We talk with JD Conway, BambooHR manager of talent acquisition, about how to clearly define what a culture add is and create more inclusive hiring processes.
We’ve created a research-backed list of employee and manager questions for more effective performance reviews.
New Payroll tab in BambooHR creates a time-saving homebase for visibility into important payroll dates, deadlines, and data changes.
BambooHR recruiting software now includes instant job posting to ZipRecruiter in addition to Indeed, Glassdoor, and social media.
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Benefits & Comp 10 min
Whether you’re upgrading from a manual bookkeeping process or on the lookout for a new payroll software that better meets your company’s needs, you’re in the right place.
Kent Goates, BambooHR CFO, explains why financial health is just as important to employee experience as physical, social, and mental health.
In your search for the right talent, BambooHR helps you coordinate with everyone involved in the hiring process to reach candidates quickly and stay ahead of the competition.
HR Insights 9 min
Get tips from BambooHR WFH parents for effectively managing a remote work schedule while caring for children during back to school season.
We asked twelve experts how to conduct more effective one-on-one meetings. Check out their top tips.
A strong employer brand not only helps you attract and retain the qualified talent needed to better serve your customers, but also makes your overall brand more attractive to consumers themselves.
See how BambooHR helped Karen Mitchener bring her company into the 21st century with easy-to-use Time Tracking, Onboarding, and Offboarding.
EAPs still have major barriers to utilization. Cassie Whitlock has advice on how to help employees get the most out of this underutilized benefit.
Want to improve employee performance? Start by improving performance reviews by coaching, growing, and listening to your employees.
HR Insights 6 min
Safeguard the viability of your institution—learn about these five significant HR trends in higher education and what you can do to spearhead them.
Learn how offboarding in BambooHR helps relieve four key offboarding burdens and create a better experience for departing employees.
Hear how Speedway Motors went from good to great using BambooHR Performance Management and Employee Satisfaction.
Check out these 4 tips for creating effective ERGs, so you can help create equity in career progression and employee satisfaction at your company.
Hiring 6 min
Strategically designing your job interviews helps you respect candidates’ time, ensures you get actionable results, and helps you stay ahead in hiring.
HR Insights 5 min
Educational institutions require unique HR strategies. Learn the vital strategies of HR in the education sector and how to execute them.
While your employees might not be trying to land a double-double dismount like Simone Biles, you can still learn a few tips from coaches of top athletes on how to manage employees so they stick the landing.
Benefits & Comp 3 min
Vacation season is here! Show your employees how to use BambooHR® to check their PTO balance, manage time off requests, and more with this printable time off management guide.
HR Insights 3 min
Non-inclusive work cultures stunt individual and organizational growth. Two LGBTQ+ BambooHR employees share what inclusivity in the workplace means to them.
In the software startup world, it’s rare and refreshing to find leaders who have put people first in their effort to create a successful company. Meet Ryan Sanders and Ben Peterson, co-founders of BambooHR!
There’s a difference between providing fun experiences and crafting a consistent employee experience—the latter improves engagement and productivity.

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