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HR Insights 7 min
HR Insights 7 min
Cassie Whitlock, HR director at BambooHR, takes an in-depth look at the complex factors to consider when creating vaccination and mask policies.
Editor's Choice 1 min
Introducing The Era: A New Podcast from BambooHR
At BambooHR, we believe employee experience is the foundation of a successful business, so much so that we’ve created an entire podcast about it.
Most Popular -9 min
How to Develop a Successful Hybrid Workforce
Learn how the hybrid workforce model helps you be more strategic about remote work while challenging traditional norms about the workplace.
In Depth This Week 4 min
The 7 Best Books on Managing People
Learning from 7 of the best management books helps you internalize the nuances of people management topics and prepares you to pass those insights on to your employees.
most recent 4 min
Check out these 4 tips for creating effective ERGs, so you can help create equity in career progression and employee satisfaction at your company.
Hiring 6 min
Strategically designing your job interviews helps you respect candidates’ time, ensures you get actionable results, and helps you stay ahead in hiring.
HR Insights 5 min
Educational institutions require unique HR strategies. Learn the vital strategies of HR in the education sector and how to execute them.
Benefits & Comp 3 min
Vacation season is here! Show your employees how to use BambooHR® to check their PTO balance, manage time off requests, and more with this printable time off management guide.
HR Insights 3 min
Non-inclusive work cultures stunt individual and organizational growth. Two LGBTQ+ BambooHR employees share what inclusivity in the workplace means to them.
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In the software startup world, it’s rare and refreshing to find leaders who have put people first in their effort to create a successful company. Meet Ryan Sanders and Ben Peterson, co-founders of BambooHR!
There’s a difference between providing fun experiences and crafting a consistent employee experience—the latter improves engagement and productivity.
Annual performances alone don’t cut it. To really grow and improve, employees need more informal conversations and support from their managers.
As businesses become ever more people-centric, we are seeing a shift towards skills and policies geared towards helping both employees and consumers.
HR Insights 7 min
Cassie Whitlock, HR director at BambooHR, takes an in-depth look at the complex factors to consider when creating vaccination and mask policies.
Onboarding 5 min
When you’re the only HR employee in a huge construction company, fixing a broken onboarding process is just one task on a long list.
HR Insights 8 min
Everything you really need to know about SHRM certification in a nutshell, from which certificate to how much it all costs.
The 9-Box Grid is a classic performance management method—but redefining the metrics your organization uses to measure performance can pay off.
HR Insights 3 min
BambooHR hosts free HR webinars on a variety of topics, from expert insight to product tips. See what we’ve got coming up in April.
Hiring 6 min
Understand the advantages and disadvantages of furloughs vs. layoffs so you can make right choice if you’re put in this difficult financial situation.
Wondering how to incorporate an eNPS score into your engagement strategy? We’ll show you how to do it the right way.
Benefits & Comp 5 min
The difference between part-time and full-time employees isn’t just the hours they work. Learn about the costs, how this affects employees, and more.
Keeping your data secure matters to us, which is why we’ve made 2-Step Login available to all BambooHR users at no additional cost.
A new interactive learning platform, BambooHR® Learning is a place to discover and experience everything BambooHR has to offer.
Benefits & Comp 4 min
Providing pay stubs may seem like a chore. But providing the right access to paycheck info makes the process better, both for employees and admins.
By considering the needs of the individuals in your organization and letting overarching DEI principles guide your actions, you’ll be able to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization. 
Check out this month's edition of the 30/30 to see how we've improved in the last thirty days!
Benefits & Comp 8 min
It’s time to rethink your employee benefits and perks, so you can better support your employees through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.
There’s a new feature on BambooHR® Time Tracking for the mobile app: geolocation! This feature makes it easier to know where work happens.
HR Insights 7 min
There are four critical HR challenges in the technology industry that HR professionals need to understand. Learn what they are and how you can overcome them.

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