Employee Bonding: How Work Benefits

group of male and female employees laughing during marshmallow team-building exercise

Employees are more likely to enjoy their work and work well together with others when they have bonded. Although melding a team together requires time and experience and many times intangible things HR and management have no control over, company outings and retreats can push things along. This gives employees a chance to bond on […]

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Make Onboarding a Walk in the Park

onboarding tasks

Hiring a new employee can mean a mountain of work for HR. Lots and lots of forms to be filled out and stored, desk space cleared, onboarding activities, office supplies gathered, equipment readied. When your company is growing and you’re hiring often, the journey through that mountain of to-dos may feel insurmountable. HR software helps […]

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Meet ATS—BambooHR’s Applicant Tracking System

Your company is growing. Everyone’s happy because that means the work you all do is getting results! But the workload is getting heavier and heavier on each employee. You need to find new talent to help out—quickly! You finally found a comfortable place to house all your employee data with BambooHR. But with so many […]

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Tracking Time-Off: The PTO Life Cycle

Tracking paid time-off (PTO) can often feel a lot like babysitting. Depending on how many time-off requests you’ve got heading in and out, it can be overwhelming—kind of like accounting for each child in a house full of high-energy kiddos! If your company uses HR software, you can rein in all PTO requests and approvals […]

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Tracking Time Off: Who’s Out Today?

To most everybody in the office, HR is considered the keeper of the people. You know who’s in and who’s out of the office. And since you’re always in the know, people have a tendency to ask you—maybe in passing, maybe just peeking in your office—to see if Michael’s coming into the office today. It […]

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