What 94% of Satisfied Employees Have in Common

There’s a lot that contributes to employee satisfaction, but according to a survey conducted by BambooHR of more than 1,000 business professionals, we know one thing for certain. Employees who receive frequent positive recognition are more likely to be satisfied with their job. It sounds pretty obvious once you read it, but the staggering truth […]

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When money can (or can’t) buy workplace happiness

Money can’t buy happiness—employees know that (or, at least, have heard it). But they also know landlords don’t take company awards in lieu of rent, and grocers won’t accept the fact that you’ve been promoted as payment for food. Money matters. But how much? And when? According to a survey conducted by BambooHR of more […]

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4 Ways to Optimize Your ATS

HR professional talking with an employee

You have an applicant tracking system (ATS) to make recruiting better. You use it to hire better candidates more quickly. Unfortunately, if you’re using an ATS with subpar tools, or that isn’t very user-friendly, it could end up hindering recruiting instead of helping it. Here are four things to do with your ATS to ensure […]

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Study Says American Millennials Lack Skills: So, What Can Be Done?

Young adult employee works with headphones on

American millennials are less skilled than their international peers. (How’s that for a cold bucket of water?) At least, that’s what researchers from Princeton-based Educational Testing Service (ETS) have concluded after they tested the job skills of millennials (born after 1980) in 23 countries. Despite being the most educated generation ever in the country, American […]

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Introducing: Responsive Job Pages for Mobile

Nowadays almost anywhere you go you find people’s eyes glued to their smartphones, like moths drawn to the light. So, what is everyone doing on his or her phone? The answer is everything—and this includes looking for a job. 70 percent of smartphone owners have used their mobile phone to search for jobs, while 51 […]

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4 Reasons We’re Crushing on HubSpot’s Culture Code

There’s a reason houses on the beach in Southern California and bungalows in world-class ski towns cost a fortune. There’s a reason people would rather spend the evening with good friends than toxic relatives. It’s because people like to spend their time in enjoyable environments. Not really a novel observation, but, for some reason, not […]

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