BambooHR’s Top 10 HR Blogs (2016 Edition)

Top HR Blogs

We pandas love all-things HR—which is why we love to read every good piece of content written about HR on the vast internet. There’s never been a better time to discuss HR since the industry is in the middle of a strategic revolution. But it can be tough prioritizing our time when there’s so much […]

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10 Items to Add to Your Onboarding Agenda

Onboarding Agenda Before the First Day Send a gift Get the paperwork signed The First Day Set up a welcoming workspace Do introductions Buy lunch The First Week Manager Mentor Others The First Month to Six Months Regular Check-Ins Onboarding Feedback Job changes are stressful for new hires, but they’re not simple for HR either. […]

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3 Application Barrier Mistakes That Cost You Top Candidates

concertina barbed wire fence on cement wall

Like most people, I’m a fan of a good donut. But I rarely go to my favorite shop because it’s a one-hour drive, traffic is insane, and the seemingly-constant road construction makes me nervous. Instead, I buy slightly less delicious, but still great, donuts at a shop five minutes from my office. Applying for jobs […]

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7 Reasons To Promote Friluftsliv (And What That Means)

You read that right: friluftsliv (free-loofts-liv). It’s a Norwegian word meaning “free air life” and is centered around the idea that it’s good for you to spend time outdoors—both body and soul. Summer is fast approaching, and with it comes warm temperatures, growth, and fun. So, naturally, it’s time to talk about friluftsliv. And as […]

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7 Habits of Leaders Who Know How to Motivate Millennials

Team of coworkers meeting around a table

It wasn’t long ago that the basketball world was resigned to the idea that Stephen Curry would never be any more than a talented shooter whose weaknesses (his small size and oddly-turning ankles) would define him. And yet here we are in 2016, where Curry is the defending league MVP and NBA Champion (with a […]

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Employee value propositions: Where (and why) to start

Employee value proposition

Thanks to Google reviews and sites like Yelp and Zomato, it’s easier than ever to check out restaurants before you decide where to grab lunch. Similarly, the internet has made it really easy for candidates to check out organizations before they work there. Three out of four candidates consider an employer’s reputation before even applying […]

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