Halloween and HR: Making Treats out of Tricky In-Office Holidays

In our industry, it’s sometimes too easy to see in-office holidays—especially those that involve costumes, like Halloween—as opportunities for trouble instead of fun. It can be hard for HR to encourage participation and a festive mood while simultaneously worrying about inappropriate behavior, offensive costume choices, or lost productivity. But when handled correctly, a holiday spent […]

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3 Signs that Your Company’s a Dinosaur—and How to Evolve

Dinosaur Company

Is your company a dinosaur company? I’m not asking how long your company has been in business. I’m asking whether your company is staying ahead of a changing world. The dinosaurs failed to adapt quickly enough and went extinct, and the same can happen to any dinosaur company today. Here are three signs that your […]

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Love Bamboo? Become a Partner!

  We love that you love our software, and there’s nothing we’d rather do than reward you for spreading the good word about BambooHR. Our partner network is always growing, and the rewards are always getting better. If you’re not already part of our awesome team, it’s definitely time for you to get involved.   […]

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9 Steps to Planning a Fun Holiday Party

Great Company Parties Start with Planning

As the weather changes and you head into the cold winter months, it’s time to start planning out your company holiday parties. Getting a head start can help take your holiday parties from pie in the break room to fun, camaraderie-building events. So break out the cider and unpack your ugly sweater, because this holiday […]

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Introducing Export for Payroll Change Reports

export payroll change report

We’re really excited to introduce a new dimension to our Payroll Change Report: exportability. With this function, you can export all of your payroll changes—including salary changes, marital status updates, and new hire additions—into a Microsoft Excel or .CSV document, ready for uploading into a third-party payroll system or simply as a snapshot for your […]

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