2016 BambooHR Product Updates

If you didn’t notice, 2016 was a great year for Bambooing. Our product team was deep in the trenches all year long completing a laundry list of projects, some big, some small, but all of them designed to improve your BambooHR experience. We sent our fearless reporting crew out into the wilderness to get the […]

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5 Tips to Prepare for the Holiday Break

The holidays are a magical time of the year, filled with good cheer, close friends, time with family, and time off work. With so much holiday fun, you might feel like you never want the season to end. Unfortunately, time marches on and December will eventually give way to 2017. Use these five tips to […]

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Why HR Needs to Think More Like a Business

HR business strategy

If being too nice is the biggest challenge facing the HR industry, not being business-minded enough about its own role is a close second. Along with attracting kind, helpful, conflict-avoidant mediator types, HR has a tendency to deliver a “be helpful, serve others, and don’t seek the spotlight” message as its core tenet. And once […]

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Holidays and Work-Life Balance: Three Important Questions

Like a partridge headed to a pear tree, the holidays are in full flight. We’ve recently talked about some different ways your organization can serve during this critical time of giving, and hopefully you’ve embraced the spirit of the season. Before it’s too late, we also wanted to remind you of one especially important issue […]

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Our Favorite HR Mobile Apps of 2016

woman using HR mobile app with a cappuccino

Every good craftsperson has go-to tools: the ones that consistently produce beautiful results, make their lives easier, and are simple to use. Here are some of our favorite HR mobile apps from the past year, many of which appeared on PC Mag’s list of best business apps of 2016. Expensify We promise you won’t miss […]

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