Perceptions of Human Resources [Infographic]

Perceptions of Human Resources

Admit it: You care what people think about you. It’s human nature. Whether it’s a neighbor, a new group of friends, or coworkers, people spend a lot of time curating their image and wondering how others perceive it. While we haven’t figured out what your neighbor thinks about living next to you, we can tell […]

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How to Improve a Department (With or Without Executive Support)

Improving your HR department

When considering how to improve a department, think big. Like, really big. Because whether we’re talking about the entire human species or a single company, we find the same solution: innovators. History books are replete with stories of innovators who, through their own ingenuity, changed how the human species operates. In the business world, innovative […]

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Double Impact: How Payroll Errors Cost You Twice

Payroll errors can cost you double header image

Money. That’s what payroll is all about, and that fact alone makes it easy to understand why business owners and payroll administrators would want to avoid payroll errors. But while the costs of payroll errors are easy for organizations to understand from a net revenue perspective, payroll mistakes have a secondary cost that can be […]

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Meet Our Newest Marketplace Partners | Jul 2018

BambooHR's New Partners

When was the last time you snagged four new best friends in one month? We don’t like to brag, but that’s exactly what we did in July. Just like the other partners on our BambooHR crew, 15Five, 7Geese, Aclaimant, and Grovo now have a home on our BambooHR Marketplace. With the incredible value they provide, […]

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Managing Millennials in the Workplace [Part 1]

Managing Millennials in the Workplace

As a millennial myself, I’ve always found the plethora of research on managing millennials in the workplace amusing. Trust me, I’m nowhere near interesting enough to warrant an entire area of study. And yet, here I am, bringing you another such article on how to handle the generation that now makes up the majority of […]

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[Infographic] Calculating HR: The Benefits of an HRIS

Calculating HR: The Real Value of HR Software

From reducing turnover to boosting employee experience, you can do a lot for your organization as an HR professional. But if all of your time is eaten up by operational tasks like answering questions or tracking vacation time, you’ll never be able to take on more strategic initiatives. An HRIS (human resources information system) can […]

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