Workplace Dress Codes: What Tech Companies Teach Us about Attire and Attitudes [Infographic]

Workplace Dress Codes - What Tech Companies Teach us About Attire & Attitudes

Thanks to shows like HBO’s Silicon Valley (not to mention real-life business leaders like Mark Zuckerberg) portraying hooded sweatshirts and jeans as the standard uniform of the tech industry, it’s become hard to imagine something as stuffy and old-fashioned as a dress code being enforced at your average technology company. Ironic tees and flip-flops set […]

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4 Tips for Texting Candidates

We like to text. A lot. For Americans under the age of 50, texting is the dominant form of nonpersonal communication, with more than 6 billion texts sent a day (that’s 45 percent of the world’s texts!). Recruiters are no exception and why would they be? Compared to emailing candidates, text messaging yields better read […]

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Adam Grant on Creativity, Culture, and Open Feedback: HR Virtual Summit Recap

Adam Grant on Creativity, Culture, and Open Feedback HR Virtual Summit Recap

HR Virtual Summit 2018 was a resounding success, with more than 30,000 attendees participating in hours of training and thought leadership. As one of the keynotes for this record-breaking conference, BambooHR’s own Brenton Williamson got to sit down with Adam Grant, a professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania specializing in organizational […]

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The Pros & Cons of Unlimited PTO: HR Expert Roundtable

Pros and Cons of unlimited PTO Header Image

Table of Contents Learn from Kate Bischoff Learn from Tamara Rasberry Learn from Vadim Liberman Learn from Tammy Colson Learn from Jon Thurmond Learn from Katrina Kibben Learn from Sarah Morgan Our panel of HR experts is back, and this time they’re tackling the topic of so-called “unlimited” PTO. Also known as discretionary PTO, the […]

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HR Terms and Acronyms Everyone Should Know

HR Terms and Acronyms

If you’re not an HR professional, becoming a walking dictionary of HR terms probably isn’t high on your priority list. HR is evolving, too—and the latest HR jargon isn’t something you’re likely to pick up around the water cooler (unless your water cooler is in the BambooHR office). But whether or not you’re in HR, […]

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How to Build Employee Incentive Programs that Work

Why do your employees do what they do? It’s not an easy question to answer, sometimes not even for the employees in question. Yet understanding the many factors that motivate your employees is the first step to implementing effective employee incentive programs in your organization. At the most basic level, people tend to divide these […]

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What Kind of Holiday Employee Are You?

What kind of Holiday employee are you?

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time to temper all the end-of-year chaos with a bit of fun in the form of a holiday quiz. But before taking the quiz to determine what kind of holiday employee you are, let’s establish some ground rules: Rule #1 – All Results Are Binding For the rest of […]

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The Best Practices of Giving Employee Feedback

Whether you’re tasked with giving employees positive feedback or negative, you need to get it right. Clear and accurate communication is one of the most important tools for any employee to master. As an HR professional, part of your job is to set the example for the rest of your organization. With time and practice, […]

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