Bad Boss Index: How Bad Manager Behaviors Affect the Workplace and What You Can Do About It! [Infographic]

bad boss index infographic

What does poor management mean? Whether it’s the credit taker, the harasser, the micro-manager, or the CEO’s incompetent kid, we’ve all seen bad manager behavior and felt the negative consequences of their poor management. Whether you’ve been a victim or the culprit of bad boss behavior, you’ve probably seen how poor management can seriously impact […]

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3 HR Reports Every Small Business Needs

3 HR Reports Every Small Business Needs

They say that what gets measured gets improved. While it might not be as simple as that, it’s true that measuring key metrics helps you form a baseline and make more strategic decisions for your organization. And we don’t just mean tracking revenue. HR reports that measure the people elements of a business can make […]

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How to Successfully Manage Culture Change in the Workplace (HR Professionals Weigh In)

How to Successfully Manage Culture Change in the Workplace

Table of Contents The Importance of Company Culture What Motivates a Shift in Organizations? Challenges to Managing Culture Change in the Workplace Solutions for Managing Culture Change in the Workplace Motivating Employees to Accept Company Culture Managing culture change in the workplace can be a daunting task.   This type of change presents a variety […]

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Time to Hire vs. Quality of Hire: HR Expert Roundtable

Time to Hire vs Quality of Hire

Welcome to the third installment of our HR experts panel (here’s part one and here’s part two). Today we’re discussing quality of hire and the relationship it has with time to hire. Time-to-hire statistics are pretty straightforward: they measure how long it takes to hire for a specific position. As you may or may not […]

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The Top HR Challenges in Startup Companies (Here’s What You Need To Know)

Table of Contents The Need for HR Strategies for Startups What Is the Role of HR in Startups? HR Policies and Benefits for Startup Companies HR Challenges in Startup Companies HR Strategies and Solutions for Startups Employee-Centered HR Startups are quick-moving, dynamic businesses that don’t want to get bogged down by unnecessary bureaucratic work and […]

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Managing Turnover: 3 Keys for Keeping Your People [Free E-Book]

BambooHR Blog- Managing Turnover

Uh-oh. Nicole in Accounting just gave her two weeks’ notice. Not Nicole! How can your company get along without her? If you’ve ever wondered why so many of your firm’s employees unexpectedly leave for another job, you’re not alone. It’s a common problem in just about every type of business. How can you reduce employee […]

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