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5 Ways the Best Leaders Attract and Keep Top Talent

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A car with a flat or missing tire won’t get very far. Like any machine with missing or ineffective parts, it simply won’t operate properly. And the same is true of organizations. Organizations are only as successful as their employees are, so attracting and retaining top talent is vital to success. These five things will help you get and keep your best employees.

1. Create a great place to work.

It’s simple law of attraction: fantastically talented people want to work at fantastic places. So, companies that create a great place to work often have a much easier time convincing people to come and stay there. Here’s what we’ve found works well:

· Be deliberate about culture: Having worked for organizations where less-than-stellar company cultures developed, my business partner and I outlined our company culture right from the start. We created company values, hired employees who shared the values, and measured all our actions against those values. The result has been that we’ve been able to maintain a rewarding and enjoyable company culture.

· Understand the depth of work’s impact: The amount of stress, career fulfillment, and time spent with family and friends are deeply and directly impacted by work environments — for good or bad. Great workplaces take these deep impacts into consideration and help employees create balanced, enjoyable lives. For instance, we choose benefits like paid vacation expenses and 40-hour work weeks as opposed to free lunch or ping-pong tables. These benefits have a deeper impact and help us create our great workplace.

Deliberate culture planning and careful consideration of the impact (good or bad) your organization is having on employees will help you improve your workplace. And when your organization is a great place to be, people will come and stay …

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