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    Bamboo Payroll™ is Here!

    Can you hear a buzz in the air? It could be a swarm of killer bees invading your HVAC ducts (in which case you should think about evacuating the building) or it could be the excitement surrounding Bamboo Payroll!

    Payroll is probably the most consistent interaction between HR and employees, yet most employees don’t even know it—all they know are confusing paystubs, poor communication, and the clunky interfaces of third-party payroll providers. The admin side the situation is even worse, with the hassle and headaches of double entries, tax-filing stress, and error-prone paper-to-digital processes.

    We’re here to change all of that.

    When you sign up for Bamboo Payroll, all employee information is handled and distributed by your existing BambooHR database, eliminating double entries and minimizing processing errors. Employees get real-time communication (mobile too), simplified withholding and deductions, and can update their deposit info right inside BambooHR, saving themselves (and you) a ton of time.

    Automated taxes, free info audits, time-tracking APIs, easy W2s and 1099s, and full-time, APA-trained support from your own dedicated Support Hero—it’s all included. And it’s powered by Execupay, one of the best and most reliable payroll process organizations in the business.

    Bamboo Payroll turns what was at best a forgettable process into an enjoyable and valuable experience for everyone involved. It’s payroll the Bamboo way: easy, insightful, and delightful.

    We are really, truly excited to deliver a critical feature our customers have been requesting for a long time, and we know once you make the switch to Bamboo Payroll, you’ll understand what you’ve been missing. Not to oversell it, but we think you’ll find Bamboo Payroll as eye-opening and exciting an experience as the first day you used BambooHR.  

    BambooHR is the #1 HR software for small and medium-sized businesses. We set you free from spreadsheets so you can do great work.

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