BambooHR and Cornerstone Growth Edition Team Up

We at BambooHR love to set HR professionals free to do great work. We feel there’s a lot more of that in our future now that we’ve teamed up with talent-management expert Cornerstone OnDemand’s small-business solution, Cornerstone Growth Edition.

“With so many customers asking for this, it’s rewarding to provide the API integration between two HR software systems that free up companies to invest the time they need to build and maintain a great workforce,” said Ben Peterson, CEO and co-founder of BambooHR. “It’s an added bonus to work with a like-minded company that cares as much as we do about culture, employees, and building an exceptional customer experience.”

Cornerstone is focused on empowering people, which they do with their simple, social HR software that helps organizations grow and develop their employees, including tools for performance and learning management.

With this collaboration, companies using both BambooHR and Cornerstone Growth Edition can sync up between systems and seamlessly exchange information. When first connecting the two accounts, you can choose to populate BambooHR with existing employees in Cornerstone Growth Edition or populate Cornerstone Growth Edition with existing employees within BambooHR. Every time after that, BambooHR is used as the core system of record and new employees in BambooHR will automatically be added into Cornerstone Growth Edition. There is no charge for this feature for our shared customers. If shared customers are interested in single sign-on capabilities, that feature is available as an extra option.

“The sharing of information between the two systems will not only create HR efficiencies and improve accuracy of employee records, it also will make it easier for business leaders to get a more holistic view of their workforce,” said Dave Mortell, VP of channel management for Cornerstone OnDemand. “This can help organizations to be smarter and more strategic in how they are managing, developing and engaging their people.”

At the corner of performance reviews and core HRIS software, you’ll find a powerful HR force where BambooHR and Cornerstone Growth Edition meet. We believe that Cornerstone OnDemand’s focus on empowering people and BambooHR’s vision to set people free to do great work will unite as seamlessly as our systems do.

If you’re a current BambooHR customer and would like more detailed information about how to sync Cornerstone Growth Edition with BambooHR, you can call our super friendly customer service department. Or if you’re interested in trying out BambooHR now that it’s integrated with Cornerstone Growth Edition, call our equally awesome sales team at 1-866-387-9595 to talk about your options. If you’d rather just try out a free trial now, click here.