Bloggin’ about Login’: HR Software Understands

Guest Post by Jamey Iaccino, at OneLogin

I started at OneLogin in January 2012 as our internal recruiter and as the company has grown, I’ve taken on additional HR and operational responsibilities. If you ask an HR professional what their typical day looks like, you’re probably going to get a chuckle, or at least a smile.

A day in the life of HR is anything but typical, and while HR job descriptions vary across organizations, we’re almost always in the loop when it comes to the employee life cycle. Fortunately, one of the benefits of working at OneLogin is that I’m constantly being introduced to hot new cloud-based HR tools to help manage that life cycle.

It starts with finding and hiring the right people for the right jobs. An innovative hiring solution called The Resumator helps streamline the hiring process. The Resumator can help create and syndicate quality job postings to make sure top talent is responding to company ads. When candidates respond to postings, HR can track their status and collaborate with colleagues throughout the hiring process. The bottom line is that The Resumator helps HR manage and increase applicant quality while reducing the cost per hire.

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Once hired, HR often becomes the employee “tracker-in-chief.” Which is why many professionals turn to BambooHR. When a recruit becomes an employee, the few bits of data HR had been tracking for that person suddenly explode into a mess of documents that need to be signed and stored, compensation and benefits to discuss, contact information to gather, time-off hours to track, and trainings and certifications to keep up-to-date. BambooHR is software that serves as a core system of record (HRIS) to track all of that information. It’s also a powerful tool for managing time-off requests and generating reports.

A key ingredient to employee engagement and retention is regular feedback. Small Improvements gives HR a painless way to conduct performance reviews, gather 360 degree feedback, and manage employee objectives. HR can also award a badge or take 1:1 meeting minutes. Small Improvements is tightly integrated with BambooHR, so you only have to enter data once.

When employees move on, or you have to terminate them, it’s important to make sure all access issues are taken care of. The last thing HR needs is a disgruntled employee with access to confidential information, or the ability to disrupt company infrastructure. OneLogin offers a way to consolidate the many application access points an employee might have, making both the on- and off-boarding process a breeze. It basically gives HR a one-click option to grant or revoke access to all company applications in one fell swoop.