Compensating the Workforce of 2020: 7 Ways to Adapt Your Strategy

As we’re on the cusp of entering the next decade—the 2020s—many in the HR community are concerned about retaining talent, hiring good people without overpaying, and ensuring that newly-trained employees aren’t quitting within their first few months. HR leaders recognize that workforce demographics are shifting, and they have to adapt their people practices, including the […]

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Double Impact: How Payroll Errors Cost You Twice

Payroll errors can cost you double header image

Money. That’s what payroll is all about, and that fact alone makes it easy to understand why business owners and payroll administrators would want to avoid payroll errors. But while the costs of payroll errors are easy for organizations to understand from a net revenue perspective, payroll mistakes have a secondary cost that can be […]

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4 Tips for Creating an Incentive Pay Program That Works

Editor’s note: This post originally appeared on Payscale’s Compensation Today blog on May 8, 2018 The way you design your incentive pay program can make a big difference to multiple pieces of your business, so it shouldn’t be an afterthought. Organizations are using variable pay programs to help them compete for talent, to combat turnover, and motivate […]

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Most Orgs Don’t Trust Their Managers to Talk Comp With Employees

Business man and woman talking outside at a table.

Photo by on Unsplash This post originally appeared on Compensation Today by PayScale. Whether you’re a business leader or an HR professional, you know that the employee experience relies heavily on managers. You can’t create a top-notch employee experience without having stellar managers who can effectively train and coach employees, share sensitive information about compensation and performance […]

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Getting on the Same Page: Compensation and Performance Management

Getting on the same page: compensation and performance management

Miscommunications lead to trouble in every type of relationship. Take international relationships. In 1895, Italy and Ethiopia went to war because the wording in a treaty signed six years previously was confused in translation. According to their version of the treaty, the Ethiopians thought they could use the Italian embassy for their foreign affairs, while […]

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Payroll and Performance: a Surprising Connection

Worker Smoothing Foundation Concrete: Like Payroll for Your Organization

Two weeks ago, the blog team was discussing topics. “And we have . . . something on payroll. Can you take that one, Brian?” I was game, even though finding an interesting take on such a technical subject was going to be a challenge. But then I got an assist from my morning commute: NPR […]

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7 Tips to Increase Pay Transparency in Your Company

This post originally appeared on PayScale’s blog Compensation Today. Salary transparency has increased in prevalence over the past few years, and with good reason. Transparent pay practices lead to higher satisfaction and lower intent to leave, according to a 2015 PayScale study. Transparency also improves performance, according to this study in a restaurant setting. With so […]

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Creating Pay Transparency in the Workplace: Webinar Q&A

We just finished a webinar with PayScale about Creating Pay Transparency in the Workplace where we discussed different levels of pay transparency as well as the ways pay transparency increases employee performance. (Didn’t catch the live event? No worries. You can watch it here.) At the end of webinars, we do our best to answer as […]

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Employee value propositions: Where (and why) to start

Employee value proposition

Thanks to Google reviews and sites like Yelp and Zomato, it’s easier than ever to check out restaurants before you decide where to grab lunch. Similarly, the internet has made it really easy for candidates to check out organizations before they work there. Three out of four candidates consider an employer’s reputation before even applying […]

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