Workplace Dress Codes: What Tech Companies Teach Us about Attire and Attitudes [Infographic]

Workplace Dress Codes - What Tech Companies Teach us About Attire & Attitudes

Thanks to shows like HBO’s Silicon Valley (not to mention real-life business leaders like Mark Zuckerberg) portraying hooded sweatshirts and jeans as the standard uniform of the tech industry, it’s become hard to imagine something as stuffy and old-fashioned as a dress code being enforced at your average technology company. Ironic tees and flip-flops set […]

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Adam Grant on Creativity, Culture, and Open Feedback: HR Virtual Summit Recap

Adam Grant on Creativity, Culture, and Open Feedback HR Virtual Summit Recap

HR Virtual Summit 2018 was a resounding success, with more than 30,000 attendees participating in hours of training and thought leadership. As one of the keynotes for this record-breaking conference, BambooHR’s own Brenton Williamson got to sit down with Adam Grant, a professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania specializing in organizational […]

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Working Hours Around the World [Infographic]

Working Hours Around the World

Working hours around the world vary significantly, which leads to a world of questions. We looked at data from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) showing the average weekly working hours for workers in 35 countries across the globe. While the results offer insights into the different lengths nations work, the takeaways are […]

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What People Really Want from Onboarding [Infographic]

What People Really Want From Onboarding

Table of Contents How Long Should Onboarding Last? Why Do New Hires Leave? How Can You Improve the Onboarding Experience? Onboarding Infographic Each of your employees only gets to experience one first day on the job. Effective employee onboarding on day one (and through the weeks and months thereafter) can mean the difference between an […]

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6 Methods to Improve Management Coaching – HR Experts Weigh In

Table of Contents Learn from Kate Bischoff Learn from Tammy Colson Learn from Jon Thurmond Learn from Tamara Rasberry Learn from Katrina Kibben Learn from Sarah Morgan Learn from Steve Browne Learn from Carlos Escobar Mentoring and coaching lessons are plentiful when it comes to teaching employees. The question we put to our panel of […]

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Time Tracking: The Good, The Bad, and The Costly [Infographic]

Time Tracking Cost Infographic

Believe it or not, time tracking is still an issue in 2018. When we have the equivalent of supercomputers riding around in our pockets, it seems crazy that keeping track of hourly work is still a challenge for many businesses. Nevertheless, over a third of respondents to a recent survey said their organizations are still […]

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How Organizations Choose HR Software [Survey Results]

HR software is changing the world. Recently, the market for HR management software was valued at a staggering $14 billion. But while many organizations recognize the potential of HR software, deciding which solution works best is a more intensive process. SelectHub, a technology selection and market research company, surveyed more than 100 companies to get […]

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Perceptions of Human Resources [Infographic]

Perceptions of Human Resources

Admit it: You care what people think about you. It’s human nature. Whether it’s a neighbor, a new group of friends, or coworkers, people spend a lot of time curating their image and wondering how others perceive it. While we haven’t figured out what your neighbor thinks about living next to you, we can tell […]

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[Infographic] Calculating HR: The Benefits of an HRIS

Calculating HR: The Real Value of HR Software

From reducing turnover to boosting employee experience, you can do a lot for your organization as an HR professional. But if all of your time is eaten up by operational tasks like answering questions or tracking vacation time, you’ll never be able to take on more strategic initiatives. An HRIS (human resources information system) can […]

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13 HR Trends & Statistics for 2018 That May Surprise You

We love writing listicles as much as you like reading them (which is to say: a lot), and there’s nothing we like more than a whole list of surprising HR trends and statistics about the HR industry. You may be an outsider with some preconceived notions about the profession and its impact on the market, […]

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