Perceptions of Human Resources [Infographic]

Perceptions of Human Resources

Admit it: You care what people think about you. It’s human nature. Whether it’s a neighbor, a new group of friends, or coworkers, people spend a lot of time curating their image and wondering how others perceive it. While we haven’t figured out what your neighbor thinks about living next to you, we can tell […]

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[Infographic] Calculating HR: The Benefits of an HRIS

Calculating HR: The Real Value of HR Software

From reducing turnover to boosting employee experience, you can do a lot for your organization as an HR professional. But if all of your time is eaten up by operational tasks like answering questions or tracking vacation time, you’ll never be able to take on more strategic initiatives. An HRIS (human resources information system) can […]

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How to Find the Right HR Tools for Your Growing Business

How to Find the Right HR Tools for Your Growing Business

As an HR professional in a growing organization, you face increasing challenges as your role expands in size and reach along with the business. And you know you’ll need to look to some human resources tools if you’re going to handle everything being thrown your way. Luckily, there are countless options on the market today […]

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The Critical Relationship Between HR and Company Culture

Relationship Between HR and Company Culture - Man playing the drums

The relationship between HR and company culture is critical. So critical, in fact, that coming up with the proper analogy to drive the point home is challenging. How challenging? We might as well try to come up with the best analogy to explain how important love is in a marriage. Effective HR and company culture […]

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Why Is Human Resources Important?

Why is Human Resources Important?

There comes a point in every startup or fledgling business where you start to consider adding human resources to your structure. Many founders and business owners are experts in their industry; however, management skills don’t always come as second nature. As companies grow, it can become difficult to juggle things like employee benefits, payroll concerns, […]

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What the Galactic Empire Teaches Us about HR

Illustration of a space station

With all the talk around Star Wars this month, we wanted to add to our series of HR lessons in pop culture. (Check out our Harry Potter article in case you missed it!) A long time ago, in that galaxy far, far away, the Galactic Empire set out to rule the galaxy. Spoiler alert: they […]

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Why the World of Harry Potter Needed More HR

BambooHR Patronus

Summer is winding down in the Northern Hemisphere, and children everywhere are heading back to school. So, naturally, this gives us an opportunity to discuss Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and everything else Harry Potter-related. OK, truth be told, I’m always looking for a way to discuss Harry Potter, and it just happens to […]

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What Now: The Future of HR – Part 3: Technology

HR superhero

*This blog is based on a presentation given by BambooHR CEO, Ben Peterson, at the 2017 Summit about the future of HR. In part three of this three-part series, we’ll discuss the future of HR technology, and why there’s no reason to fear it. In an always-expanding world of superheroes—where a new blockbuster superhero movie […]

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What Now: The Future of HR – Part 2: Organizational Structure

employee engagement

*This blog is based on a presentation given by BambooHR CEO, Ben Peterson, at the 2017 Summit about the future of HR. In part two of this three-part series, we’ll discuss how best to navigate our organizations’ changing organizational structure. As people’s expectations are changing, organizational structure is changing along with them. The speed of […]

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HR and Internal Branding: Sending the Right Signals

In biology, the centralized nervous system is one of the hallmarks of an advanced organism. It coordinates essential functions like heartbeat, reflex, and growth so effortlessly that we don’t even have to think about them. This frees us to succeed at more than just basic survival, giving us space to discover our purpose, forge new […]

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