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Last year, I was invited to judge a pie contest for a neighboring company in our building on Pi day. I happen to love free food (you know, those free bites of pie I got to try) and realized how much everyone was enjoying themselves (although the sugar high may have had something to do with it). This got me thinking about how easy it is to bring a little fun and celebration to your office—no matter what day it is.

After all, there’s a “day” for pretty much everything.There’s pancake day, middle child day, employee and boss appreciation days—even talk-like-a-pirate day. I’m super bummed I missed wear-your-pajamas-to-work day last year!

You know, we SHOULD be celebrating some of these “days” as a way to mix things up and celebrate the small things. It doesn’t have to take over your day. In fact, you could plan for coworkers to meet at IHOP for free pancakes at lunch on national pancake day. You could only allow pirate talk during your morning meeting. Or do your regular work at your desk, just be more comfortable (and probably productive) while wearing jammie pants and a t-shirt.

Of course, this isn’t about having a party every day. People will still do their jobs and get stuff done. But they’ll be able to do it a little happier and probably a little better.

After all, customers can hear happiness in your customer-support rep’s voice. Partners can tell when someone is passionately doing their job, rather than taking up space. It’s obvious in your whole workplace when your people are enjoying their work.

You’re all there to do a job, but there’s no harm adding a splash of fun into the mix. Work and fun are not mutually exclusive. Make it a fun place to be productive. You get to choose the type of workplace you want to give your people.

Remember, people love to be near others who are enjoying themselves and having fun while doing their work. Customers know. Applicants know. Every employee knows.

This year, we’re doing a pie contest of our own. Yep, we decided to spread some of that happiness over into our space.

It’s not too late. You should have a celebration for Pi day too! Don’t forget to bring some pie to share!

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