7 Great Company Culture Videos & Why You Need One ASAP

Hiring and retaining talented employees is essential to your business. It’s no exaggeration to say that the quality of your staff could make the difference between staying afloat or going under. But how can you show potential hires why they should choose your company?

People want to know:

While using a comprehensive message to entice new employees is always a better recruiting tactic than just throwing out any old job ad, it becomes even more important during times like the Great Resignation, when in-demand employees have their choice of workplace.

Producing a video that gives a peek into your company culture is a fun and effective way to showcase the shining characteristics of your workplace and people.

Why Is Company Culture Important?

It’s human nature to want to feel like you belong, and that desire doesn’t go away when people walk into work. We all want to be accepted and work with people we get along with. Positive company culture can help employees feel accepted and engaged, leading to employee success. If the culture is toxic, employees will feel unsatisfied, or even unsafe, and leave.

As people make the choice to join your company, your culture will be a top consideration. Fancy perks, like bean bag chairs or a fridge of sparkling water, don’t sway qualified candidates anymore. Culture has to go beyond surface-level perks into how you support and empower your employees to be at their best, whether at work or at home.

Culture is expressed through the company’s attitudes and behavior, including:

But explaining your company’s culture can be difficult, and it’s not something that can always be put into words. That’s where a company culture video can make a big difference for potential hires.

Having a Culture Video Is Key to Showcasing Your Unique Company Culture

As the business world continues to reach out to millennials and Gen Z, video is the go-to medium for advertising an employer’s brand, especially since 78 percent of people watch online videos every week, and 55 percent view online videos every day. Many people turn to YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram for information about a company’s culture before even checking out the business’s website, so having a culture video is going to be a big asset for building a distinctive employer brand and reaching candidates.

Tips on What to Include in a Culture Video

You can paint a picture of what it’s like to work for your company by:

Creating your first video doesn’t have to be complicated. Even if you don’t have much budget available, your HR team can create a successful culture video. Find out if any of your employees have experience with video editing (e.g., with their own personal videos), or find a simple video editing software tool.

However, with how important employer branding and workplace culture have become not just in hiring but with customers, it might be worth investing more budget and energy into making or commissioning an engaging video that makes the case for who you are as a company.

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7 Examples of Company Culture Videos

The most important thing about a company culture video is how it makes the viewer feel. You want the audience to feel inspired and motivated to join your team, but also to leave with an accurate understanding of what your company is like and how they might fit in.

In other words, it’s not simply an advertisement—it’s a window into who you are as an employer.

Here are a few culture videos to inspire you as you create one of your own to showcase your company culture.


Putting our values and our people first is a big deal for us at BambooHR, and it’s the main point of this organizational culture video. We want prospective hires to see who we are and what we believe in as a company.

What We Think This Video Does Well

To demonstrate this point, we interviewed different team members about how they live the company values and what those values mean to them. We also filmed employees at work and at home with their families as a way to illustrate that our values aren’t just posters on a wall—we earnestly strive to put them at the center of our work and personal interactions.

Instead of scripted narration, the team members themselves tell their stories and give insight into life at BambooHR, and the video includes footage from very early on in the company to show how we’ve evolved while trying to stay true to our values. Our company values provide the video’s narrative continuity as employees share how all seven values help them feel connected to the company, regardless of their job title.

Key Takeaways

Great company culture videos showcase the values that the workplace upholds and gives a genuine picture of what the culture is like. While thinking of a video concept for your organization, ask yourself this:


“This is another generic recruitment video. Let us begin.”

From the opening line alone, this recruitment video is already telling us that it isn’t going to be generic at all.

What We Think This Video Does Well

Fiverr is an online freelance marketplace offering all kinds of services from freelancers worldwide. Sounds like any other freelance website out there, right? That’s why Fiverr uses humor to stand out and show people that working there is fun.

In Fiverr’s video, they parody numerous recruitment video clichés such as meetings, writing on glass with markers, and of course, Token Longboard Bro. The deep-voiced narrator’s dry delivery makes the whole thing more humorous. Even when he starts getting more serious later on, he still makes a snarky quip at the end.

Key Takeaways

Humor can make your company’s “About Us” video more memorable, especially if much of your competition’s content already looks and feels the same. Just make sure you aren’t taking things to the point where qualified candidates will dismiss you because you’re too silly or you’re sending the message that your company is a place where people can just goof off.

Virgin Hyperloop One

Of course, workplace culture isn’t all just fun and games. Does your organization have some prominent projects under its belt? You can create a great company culture video about how you all work together to accomplish goals. You can use the video to show people that you get things done—and if people join your company, they can do great things.

What We Think This Video Does Well

Teamwork is exactly what the Hyperloop One video is all about. The Hyperloop One is a high-tech, high-speed rail transport system conceptualized by Virgin, a US transportation technology company.

In this video, the company shows how different teams from engineering and other scientific fields have collaborated to turn a cutting-edge concept into reality. To make their accomplishment even more impactful, they made it a point to mention the timetable they had to work with.

Key Takeaways

Most people want to be part of something greater than themselves, so think of how your video can serve as an invitation to do so. What are you most proud of? What has your organization accomplished that would make potential recruits genuinely excited to come on board?


One way to show the type of people you’re looking for is having your employees talk about what they do at work, as SAP does in one of their culture videos.

SAP is a German enterprise software company with offices worldwide. They’ve produced a number of great company culture videos, but we’ll just focus on this one for now.

What We Think This Video Does Well

In this fast-paced video, several employees explain:

At the same time, the video also shows how they work and what the workplace is like.

The employees also describe what kind of team they are, outlining a company that motivates their staff to experiment and explore in the hopes of encouraging innovative people to join up.

Key Takeaways

The SAP video is a great example of putting your best foot forward. People are going to watch it and connect the dots— “If I apply here, these can be my coworkers!” If you’ve taken care to establish a welcoming, supportive, and desirable culture, highlight it!


Instead of showing people what kind of employees you’re looking for, you could show what working at the company would be like. Take this ALDI USA testimonial video as an example.

What We Think This Video Does Well

ALDI USA is a fast-growing supermarket chain originally from Germany that’s known for offering discount prices. Based on Amanda’s testimonial, it’s also a workplace that recognizes and rewards hard work—hence her string of promotions. This can attract potential hires who weren’t given opportunities to advance in their careers at their previous workplace.

Key Takeaways

Another point worth noting is that ALDI says upfront that the job, though rewarding, can be demanding and that you need to be a flexible team player. A conventional retail chain might shy away from this topic and just make their video all smiles. Much like in Atlassian’s video, showing this kind of honesty can be refreshing for potential hires.

Reflect your brand honestly—both the strengths and the challenges. Retention will be easier if employees knew what they were getting into before being hired.


Just like customers, potential hires may choose to only align themselves with companies that share their values and interests. Your company culture video can show what your team is passionate about.

What We Think This Video Does Well

As an outdoor clothing company, Patagonia is looking for team members who love nature. They mention that their HQ is in Ventura, California mainly because of the surfing scene and that Patagonia was made for people who want to work but still do what they love.

The speaker in the video says outright that if their team members are forced to work more hours than normal, they’re not living up to their own values. If you wanted to work with a company that strives to stick to its values through thick or thin, you’d definitely be attracted to Patagonia.

Key Takeaways

Your company isn’t going to be a great fit with every potential recruit out there, and that’s okay. Be upfront about who you are, and hopefully you’ll connect with the right employees—not simply warm bodies who won’t go the distance because they never really bought into your values to begin with.


If your team members are open to the idea, why not have them film part of their day at work? Many great company culture videos are also day-in-the-life videos. It gives people a peek into how team members behave around each other without the scripted feeling that comes with a lot of workplace culture videos. They can even get a sneak peak at what happens in the video’s background to see if you really “walk the walk.”

What We Think This Video Does Well

Although Bumble’s Employee Morning Routine series mainly shows a team member heading to work, it gives you an idea of what working with them would be like. Having the employee talk in a space they’re more familiar with—like their car—makes them more comfortable sharing experiences and insights.

Key Takeaways

It’s a great idea to use your employees in your videos, but make sure they’re just as comfortable as Priti is in Bumble’s video. Again, there’s the idea that she could be the recruit’s coworker—or given how satisfied she seems with her job, she could even represent the job candidate’s future. That future looks appealing here.

Show, Don’t Tell

The best thing you can do for your company culture is show off exactly why your employees love to work for you. There are many ways to do that, but nothing offers as much space to explore the multiple facets of culture as a video. Of course, you have to have a culture worth showing off in the first place. If you’ve put in the work to create one, the rest is easy.

Just be sure to:

Your new employees might be just a play button away.

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