9 Great Examples of Company Values to Inspire You [+ Free Ebook]

Company values are the foundation of great company culture. Without them, it’s virtually impossible to maintain a consistent, healthy culture, especially as your organization grows and brings on new people. As Brad Rencher, CEO of BambooHR, explains, “Defining company values and developing your culture are the most strategic things you can do as an organization.”

But knowing that creating company values is a good idea and knowing how to create company values are two different animals. Without some solid company values examples, it can be tough to know where to start.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the best company core values examples from organizations big and small. You can use these examples to start brainstorming company values for your own organization. And when you’re ready to start the process in full, you can check out our free ebook, Your Guide to Creating Company Values.

Examples of Company Values from Large Organizations

For larger organizations, keeping culture on track can be a real challenge. With more people comes more variety in experience, perspective, behavior, and beliefs. It’s impossible to maintain a consistent culture without a set of clear core values that everyone in the organization can get behind. Here are a few examples of large organizations that understand this and have taken the time to define guiding values for their people.

Google Company Values

Google’s company values are called “Ten things we know to be true” within their organization. They revisit this list frequently to keep everyone on track, both in their culture and business decisions.

Amazon Company Values

Amazon’s company values are also called their Leadership Principles. They have set up these values to guide their people “every day, whether [they]’re discussing ideas for new projects or deciding on the best approach to solving a problem.”

Apple Company Values

Apple’s company values have changed over the years, which is a good reminder that your organization (and its culture) might not be the same in ten years as it is today. The process of creating and defining company values should be ongoing—don’t be afraid to make adjustments when necessary. The original Apple company values in 1981 are:

More recently, CEO Tim Cook defined the company values this way:

Examples of Company Values from Small and Medium-Sized Organizations

The company values examples from global organizations like Google, Amazon, and Apple are inspiring, but what if you’re operating on a smaller scale? Here are several examples of company core values from small and medium-sized organizations (like BambooHR).

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BambooHR Company Values

Of course, we couldn’t go through an entire article about company values without mentioning our beloved core values here at BambooHR. These values help us do great work every day.


The company values at SnackNation provide the standard for “everything [they] create and cultivate” in their organization.

Glassdoor Company Values

Glassdoor has defined its values to “both communicate to employees what matters most to your organization, and create standards to hold both company and employee decisions accountable.”

BizLibrary Company Values

At BizLibrary, their core values are designed to encourage growth, learning, passion, and more among their people.

7Geese Company Values

7Geese keeps it simple with their company values, but that doesn’t mean they don’t achieve impressive results all the same.

Lattice Company Values

As explained in an article from Lattice, “we wanted to make values that were more than our cultural foundations—they’re more about our cultural ideals, of our company standards that we strive to reach.”

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Creating Your Own Company Values

With all of these examples, you’re probably ready to start brainstorming some core values for your own organization. But to create meaningful, long-lasting company values, you need more than a list of nice words and phrases. You need to evaluate your company culture as it is today, identify and define foundational values, and communicate them to your people.

Luckily, we cover these steps and more in our ebook, Your Guide to Creating Company Values. Get started on the process today and make your company culture stronger than ever before.