Meet IBI Group—A Customer Success Study

IBI Group thrives on deploying its international engineering and architecture talent in a timely way. BambooHR helps IBI run accurate skills and capacity reports.

The Company IBI Group is the world’s fourth largest architectural firm with 80 offices and more than 3,000 professionals and support staff worldwide. IBI’s offices work together as global “virtual studios,” using a variety of collaborative technologies. This integrated approach enables the firm to commit the best and more appropriate staff to each project.

The Challenge IBI receives thousands of Requests for Proposals (RFPs) each year. The firm needed a convenient way to continually refresh and report its talent inventory to see who is available to work on specific client projects at any given time in any location, including those working in the field. The company also wanted to standardize its HR processes across offices and consolidate the hundreds of HR spreadsheets it was using to manage employee data. In addition, IBI needed an Human Resources Information System (HRIS) that everyone would enjoy using and adopt, including its French-speaking associates in Quebec, among other multilingual offices.

The SolutionBambooHR has helped HR get a strategic seat at the table by enabling them to make informed recommendations on how best to deploy the company’s personnel.

IBI Group’s HR Manager, Phillip Farinha, said: “Centralizing education, skills and training data in BambooHR allows us to run skills and capacity reports that everyone trusts as being accurate. BambooHR is a fun, user-intuitive HRIS that makes your life and job easier. The fact that people across the firm enjoy working with BambooHR on a day-to-day basis makes all the difference.”