Customize BambooHR to Keep Tabs All Over the World

With the recent rise of remote workers, you find more and more companies with employees scattered all over the world. Some companies like to hire the very best person—no matter where they happen to live—because those with different cultural backgrounds inspire the rest of the team creatively with a different perspective. And some employees will even choose to live abroad after they have a flexible, telecommuting job. In each of these scenarios, there is one common thread: An HR person somewhere is attempting to track the information for each of those scattered employees. There are many ways to customize BambooHR to fit your company’s needs, including a custom table if you have employees from all over the world and their visas to track.

You can keep tabs on visa information for each employee regardless of where they’re doing their work. Because an expired visa means your employee is illegally in a country, it is very important to keep on top of visa renewals. You will need to contact one of our friendly customer service people to activate the visa table for your account, but customization is always free. Then you can add specific information, such as which type of visa an employee currently has, the issuing country, when it was issued and when it will expire for each employee you need to track. You can change or update this information at anytime.

If a visa is still current, the date will show up under the employee’s information in green; however, if a visa is expired, the status will show up in red as expired. You can also create custom email alerts and indicate how long before a visa expires you (and the employee it affects) see a message prompting a renewal. Email alerts make sure there’s plenty of time to take care of it. The great news is that with a visa table, BambooHR is staying on top of all the visas for you! You can rest easy and make sure great work is getting done.

BambooHR also keeps a running record of changes and updates surrounding each employee’s visa. If anything changes and you need to update vis information, you will still see the employee’s visa history. You can also create custom reports based on your employees’ visa information.

BambooHR offers free customization for many things that make your company unique. Our customer service team would love to help you create a table for tracking your employee’s performance reviews, assets, training, bonuses and commissions—just to name a few. So although customers are paying a low subscription fee, they’re getting the benefits of an expensive, custom system that contains all the things they need.

So you can keep an eye on all your employees’ visa information—whether they live here.

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