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Déjà vu?  Now you can not only post Company Announcements, but you can email them out to your employees at the same time!  When you edit, or create a new Company Announcement, just select the option to “Publish And Email.”  You can also utilize the filtering options to allow a Company Announcement to only show on the Dashboard for certain employees.  The filter options will hold true for determining who the announcements are emailed to as well.  Total awesomeness?  We think so!

We are also excited to announce that you can now add a filter to your email alerts so that they will only trigger based on information for certain employees.  For example, in the screenshot above, I can set up my Benefit Eligibility notification to only include the names and dates for employees who are Full Time.

 Please keep in mind that if you select options from multiple sections, an employee will only be included in the alert if he or she matches at least one of the checked criteria in each filter section being used.  For example, if I checked off two Divisions and both the Full-time and Part-time options for Employment status, then to be included in the alert an employee must match at least one of the Division options AND at least one of the Employment Status options.

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