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    Email-able Reports and a Company Directory! – BambooHR Blog

    Just when you think something is awesome, it becomes super awesome!  In the last couple of weeks, we’ve launched some improvements that we hope you’ll love.

    How About Email-able Reports?

    We like to make life easier on HR so they can focus on the stuff that’s way more important than pushing data, so we eliminated some steps by adding an email function to the action button on the reports page.  Just select the report you would like to email (e.g. Time-off balances), click the action button, and choose email.  Abracadabra! Report sent.  Forget about the export, save, attach, and send mumbo jumbo – now it’s just a couple clicks!

    What About New Training Features?

    We are excited to announce some new changes to our Training feature! In addition to the new look, you can now mark trainings as “Required” independent of the Due Date field. We’ve also introduced the ability to track additional information such as cost, credits, hours, etc. and allowing for new sorting options and updating the historical table. Lots of great changes!

    And Sharing Celebrations?

    You now have the option to share all Celebrations (birthdays and employment anniversaries) with the entire company. It’s fun to celebrate with your colleagues!

    And Launched Today: Company Directory!

    The new Company Directory will give employees the ability to easily see the contact information for each employee in your company. You can select to view “All” (default), or click on a specific letter of the alphabet to view just the employees whose last name begins with that letter. If you have access to view detailed information about a specific employee, you will be able to click on their name from the Directory and be redirected to their Employee Record.

    Company Directory

    Fun Times
    Can we  tell you how much fun we’re having?  Tons.  Is it really possible to have fun making HR software? You better believe it!  Happy bamboo-ing!


    BambooHR is the #1 HR software for small and medium-sized businesses. We set you free from spreadsheets so you can do great work.

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