Our Favorite HR Mobile Apps of 2016

Every good craftsperson has go-to tools: the ones that consistently produce beautiful results, make their lives easier, and are simple to use. Here are some of our favorite HR mobile apps from the past year, many of which appeared on PC Mag’s list of best business apps of 2016.


We promise you won’t miss the stack of receipts piling up on your desk. Expensify makes it easy for employees to submit receipts using their mobile phones, and also saves you time scanning, tracking, and organizing. Not to mention Expensify has absolutely gorgeous reporting tools.

Anthology (Formerly Poachable)

Sometimes working with passive candidates can be difficult. After all, if they’re somewhat happy with their current situation, they won’t want to jeopardize their relationship with their current employer by pursuing new opportunities. Anthology collects candidate requirements for a new opportunity, then matches those candidates with your outlined job requirements to make passive sourcing much more effective.


In order to be more deliberate business partners, HR teams who dabble in finance need to remain in the know. NetSuite allows you to pull key financial metrics on the go, and offers built-in audit trail features so you won’t have to worry about compliance or changes. For HR professionals whose job involves a lot of other business management, NetSuite is incredibly valuable.


Of course. Our recruiters are on their LinkedIn mobile apps almost constantly. It’s a great way to communicate with potential employees quickly, but it also helps them stay up-to-date on HR best practices by joining groups and reading through tailored news.


We don’t usually pat ourselves on the back, but if we’re good enough for PC Mag’s list, we must be doing something right. Our employees and customers’ employees use the app a lot. Some of our favorite features include the ability to look up any coworker’s phone number, see who is out of the office, and request time off from anywhere. It’s convenient, easy to use, and beautifully designed.


Ever been so busy and had so many things going on that you didn’t actually know what you were supposed to be doing? Us too; that’s why we love Trello. It provides oodles more functionality than a to-do list while skipping the overly-complicated features of some other project management tools. We love using it to keep track of our tasks and projects.


Twitter isn’t just for following the news (or comedians, celebrities, and politicians, if that’s what you’re into). It’s a great way for HR leaders to gain insight quickly from HR thought leaders. Whether you’re just tuning in for their 140-character quips or looking for their recommendations on relevant articles and resources, you’ll find them on Twitter. Some of our HR team’s favorite tweeting thought leaders are:

-William Tincup: @williamtincup

-JT O’Donnell: @jtodonnell

-Lars Schmidt: @Lars

-Suzanne Lucas: @RealEvilHRLady