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Finding and Maintaining a Work-Life Balance

The challenge of achieving a nice work-life balance seems to be more and more difficult these days. The competitiveness of the work force drives many to work harder to ensure security in their job.  While it is important to work hard, it is more beneficial to find the right strike of work-life balance. It’ll improve every aspect of your life and will affect those around you positively as well.  Let’s talk about some ways to help you with this balancing act.

First, keep it separate. Often times our work and personal lives blend together so much that there is no definition of one or the other. Make an effort to keep them divided.  If you do this, you can put 100% of your attention into the things you do – whether it be work, hobbies, spending time with family or friends, etc.  If you answer the phone or respond to emails while watching a movie with your family, you are not being fair to them.  Likely, if you bring in personal baggage to the office, your work is at the disadvantage.  Make sure to work hard but once you leave work, leave it. Set aside time for your friends or family, your hobbies and even yourself.

Plan out your schedule to help you achieve the personal and professional lives you want.  By planning things out, you can make the most of your time.  Every day will be different so figure out your daily routines to ensure time is being allotted for the things you need (and want) to do.  You will find that a schedule allows you the opportunity to get things done more easily.

Another thing you can do is learn to say “no”.  We often push ourselves so hard because we want to be the best at everything and don’t like to disappoint but we’re not superhuman. We cannot do it all.  If you feel like you can’t do something as well as you want to, just say “no” to it.  It is okay to do this! And it is better to not take responsibility for something that you can’t make a priority or that bumps something else off of your priority list.

At first, it might be difficult to make these changes but doing so will lead to a more efficient and happier you.  I encourage you to explore your current work-life balance and wish you luck in finding and maintaining it!




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