34 Employee Engagement Statistics Every HR Pro Should Know [2020 Update]

Every year brings changes for the world of HR: shifting attitudes toward remote work, adapting environments for a new generation of workers, and updates to policies and procedures. HR statistics can reveal trends and tidbits on how to improve the workplace and make HR even more effective. We’ve brought together 34 HR statistics from some of our favorite studies. The studies have offered up data around recruiting, productivity, compensation, employee motivation, and job satisfaction statistics. So, let’s get started with attitudes toward work from around the world—and how they might influence job satisfaction in the future.

Global Attitudes Toward Work – Qualtrics

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Compensation Best Practices Report – PayScale

The Pursuit of Employee Purpose – Cornerstone

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Then and Now: How a Decade Changed the Workplace – BambooHR

What Matters Most to HR Teams in 2020? – BambooHR

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State of Remote Work 2019 – OWL Labs

  1. Better work/life balance
  2. Increased productivity and better focus
  3. Less stress
  4. Avoiding a commute

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