Introducing BambooHR® ATS Candidate Talent Pools

In your search for the right talent, BambooHR helps you coordinate with everyone involved in the hiring process to reach candidates quickly and stay ahead of the competition. Storing the information of qualified candidates from past openings is an excellent way to streamline your selection the next time you open a position, but at the same time, sifting through long lists of names takes time. Our new talent pool feature makes it easier to find, organize, and reach out to the right people in your talent pipeline.

Creating Talent Pools

Creating talent pools lets your recruiting team find relevant candidates by their roles and qualifications, no matter which position led them to apply. It’s as simple as navigating to your Hiring menu and selecting the Talent Pools tab.

Click Create Talent Pool to name this group of candidates, write a description, and select a memorable icon.

After setting up these pools, you can add candidates from the talent pool menu. As new candidates apply, you can assign them to any and all talent pools that reflect their skills and potential.

Talent pools also fit seamlessly into BambooHR Access Levels. Employees in the Manage Job Openings level have access to all talent pools, and collaborators can access the candidate list for their pertinent job pools from their Hiring tab.

Try creating talent pools in your BambooHR account, and see how more manageable candidate lists can speed up your recruiting efforts.