Join Our Referral Program!

Win-win situations are relatively common, at least in our world. We drive someone to In-N-Out for a burger, chances are, they’ll grab our Double Double with Animal-style fries as payment—classic win-win. But when’s the last time you came across a win-win-WIN situation? Well, we’ve created a referral program that often results in that rarest of beasts, and here’s how it works:

By helping to elevate your customers to new strategic levels, BambooHR creates a win for them. That great experience (and the commission you earn) helps grow your business, which is a win for you. And we gain new clients with every deal—clearly a win for us. In 2016, we added 163 valued referral partners to our network, and 2017 is looking like it could be your year.

Our referral program is the perfect fit for what we call ABC partners: Accountants, Brokers, and Consultants. You use our marketing materials to show your clients all that BambooHR can do. Then you send them our way and we do the rest. There’s no sale to close, data to migrate, or support provided on your end. We do it all, and we pay you for every deal we close on your behalf.

If you’re not convinced yet (or you just prefer lists), here are three reasons why you should become a referral partner right now.

1. It helps your clients elevate their HR practice

As an official BambooHR referral partner, you have the ability to use our database of webinars offering tons of insight into HR practice. The Bamboo partner team even provides you with email templates to send to your client list, so you can just sit back and watch your customers be delighted.

2. It expands your services

Our partner enablement portal provides access to marketing collateral and product information, which you can use to offer clients and prospects solutions for their needs. By recommending the #1 HR software for small and medium businesses, you’re expanding your services to your clients.

3. You earn commission

If you like (and who doesn’t like extra revenue?), we will pay you a commission on every lead you send to us that closes. Referral leads go directly to our Senior Account Executives—and they’re the ones who close deals like it’s their job (because it actually is their job).

Still not convinced? Here’s one more reason to join: It takes five minutes to sign up. Join our Referral Program today! We’ll send you a welcome email with additional information so we can get rolling on our partnership together. See you soon!