Meet Our Newest Marketplace Partners | April 2019

“I have way too many friends,” said no one ever. Okay, maybe a few people out there feel this way, but we certainly don’t. Especially not when it comes to new additions to our BambooHR Marketplace, where we added three top-notch friends this quarter. Get acquainted with some of our newest marketplace partners as well as of one of our favorite existing partners.

RetroTax (Pro)

RetroTax is a full-service tax credit administration platform. With RetroTax, your organization can generate federal and state tax credits based on the employees you hire, locations you open, and growth you experience. This new integration will seamlessly screen new hires, give you access to monthly reports to keep track of tax credit activity, and help you administer federal and state tax credit incentive programs.


This integration helps you train your managers to become better leaders. Through Officevibe, you and your managers will have access to easy-to-read team reports, prompts for employee feedback and conversations, weekly automated surveys, and recommendations for relevant activities and tactics to strengthen your teams. Giving your managers the tools they need to lead their team will help free up your HR team to focus on company-wide initiatives.


Enable secure, single sign-on (SSO) access to BambooHR with Idaptive. Your employees, contractors, customers, and partners will only need one set of credentials, protected with Adaptive MFA, to access all their applications and devices from anywhere. You’ll have the protection you need without sacrificing convenience.


While Workable isn’t a new friend to the BambooHR Marketplace, we think they deserve a shout-out anyway. Workable is the most popular all-in-one recruiting software for small and medium businesses. You can streamline your recruiting with interview kits and scorecards, applicant tracking, candidate sourcing, and reports and analytics. Not only can you access Workable from your desktop, but also on-the-go from their user-friendly mobile app.

Head over to the BambooHR Marketplace to learn more about these and many other fantastic partners.