How to Write a Welcome Email to New Employees

On average, companies have 44 days to influence a new hire's long-term retention. So why not get a head start by sending a stellar welcome email to new employees? A welcome email is your organization’s opportunity to reassure your new hire they made the right choice and set them up for success from the start.

If you include the right information in your welcome email to new employees, you can even curb some of the top new-hire frustrations uncovered in our 2023 onboarding survey:

And if you’re ready to make your onboarding process really sing from offer letter to fully up-and-running employee, explore how BambooHR® Onboarding helps you create better first days. But to get you started, we’ve put together a free welcome email template with options for in-office and virtual employees and some top tips for writing a winning welcome email to new employees.

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What's the Best Time to Send a New Employee Welcome Email?

When is that perfect sweet spot to send a welcome email? At BambooHR, we send our new employees their welcome email seven days before their start date.This gives new hires time to ask and get answers to questions, gather any materials they need to send in or bring on their first day, and mentally prepare (raise your hand if you’ve ever panic-checked your start date in the middle of the night!).

You don’t have to send a welcome email exactly seven days before their start date, but try to aim for about a week before.

You may also consider having a second welcome email waiting in your new employee’s inbox when they log in on day one reminding them of their onboarding schedule and sharing how excited you are to have them officially on the team.

How to Write a New Employee Welcome Email

You can easily follow our free welcome email template and drop in the information you’d like to share in your welcome email to new employees. But a little customization can go a long way to making your email feel personalized and authentic.

Here are a few key elements we recommend including in your welcome email:

Congratulate and Warmly Welcome Your New Hire

This one is‌ a must-have! Choosing to start a new job is a big deal, and if you want your new employee to feel welcome and know how excited you are to have them join the team, you have to tell them.

Remind New Hires of Their Start Date and Time

Confirm with the employee the date you’re expecting them to start and what time they’ll be starting that day.

If they’ll be in the office, it’s helpful to remind your new hire where the office is, parking or public transit info, where they should check-in, and what time they should arrive.

If the employee will be working remotely, let them know what time they should log on, and be sure to include time zone information if the employee is in a different region.

Explain the Dress Code

No one wants to stick out for being overdressed or underdressed on their first day. If you didn’t already share this during the interview process, include a quick blurb about your dress code or general standards to help new employees feel more comfortable on their first day.

If you expect an employee to wear a specific uniform, you should include information on when and where your new hire will need to pick it up (or if they need to buy it themselves).

Include the First Day Schedule

Giving a run-down of the first day can go a long way toward putting a nervous new employee’s mind at ease. Who will they be meeting? Should they expect to go out to lunch with their new team, or will they be on their own for food?

List Any Items New Hires Need to Bring or Send In

HR may need a few documents to get your newest team member up and running. Give your new hire a list of anything they need to bring on their first day, like their ID, SSN, or paperwork you sent them ahead of time to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible.

Confirm Their Manager or Onboarding Buddy’s Contact Information

Hopefully, your welcome email to new employees covers all the bases. But in case a hire has questions before their start date, let them know they can reach out to HR or give them contact info for their manager or an assigned onboarding buddy to help guide them through the process.

Beyond the New Hire Welcome Email

A welcome email to new employees is just the start of an incredible onboarding process. For further resources on onboarding, you can download our Definitive Guide to Onboarding or our New Hire Onboarding Checklist.

And if you want to create a truly five-star onboarding experience, consider implementing BambooHR Onboarding. Our tools help you complete paperwork quickly for more meaningful introductions, gather e-signatures with customizable preboarding packages, and set new hires up in advance with Get to Know You emails and IT checklists.

Create better first days.

BambooHR helps you build an effective onboarding process with customizable onboarding checklists, welcome emails, and new hire packets—so every new hire feels welcome on day one.

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