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Use Onboarding to Kill New Hire’s Remorse [VIDEO]

Employee Remorse

Think of the last thing you really, really wanted. Maybe it was a non-stick pan from an infomercial. Or some ceramic knives. Maybe it was something less gimmicky like a new style of boots your friends are wearing. But as soon as the trend ended or you realized that the ceramic knives aren’t much different than your regular ones, you likely ended up wishing you had saved your money. It’s classic buyer’s remorse. Why does it happen? Because we don’t value what we bought as much as we did when we didn’t have it.

Your employees might be having a similar experience if your HR department and recruiters aren’t aligned. Promises are made aplenty during recruiting. And those promises are likely entirely true. No intentional bait and switch is happening (usually). But after the candidate becomes an employee, they’re on their own to figure out how to take advantage of the promises made. HR is just too busy to focus on those things that got the employee to the company in the first place, and employees end up feeling dissatisfied.

So what’s the first step in solving this problem? First, make a little time to focus on those seemingly little things (like culture, benefits and work-life balance) that actually have a huge impact on productivity and employee satisfaction. Then automate the things that you don’t actually need to be doing—like tracking PTO or manually creating reports.

What’s next? Use some of your newly opened time to get HR and recruiting on the same page and give employees a great experience. They shouldn’t regret their choice. How can you do that? Through better onboarding. Join BambooHR and LinkedIn for a webinar on March 12 to find out! We’ll discuss the gap that exists between recruiting and HR, how it affects employees and how companies can use onboarding to close the gap.

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