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BambooHR announces three new reports in our ATS: Applicant Sources Report, Applicant by Race/Gender, and Applicant by Veteran Status/Gender.
The new headcount report shows you how many employees your company had at specific time (and lists who they were). It will also show you visual growth trends.
BambooHR and Cornerstone OnDemand's small business solution, Cornerstone Growth Edition, team up to allow shared users to sync up and exchange information.
Benefits & Comp 1 min
Make sure your sick-day policy benefits both your company and your employees Learn the ways you can organize sick days with BambooHR.
Onboarding 3 min
Onboarding should start off with a bang so new hires feel they’re off to a great start. Here are 3 tips that will help you get—and keep—them in the pool.
We are working on new updates, making BambooHR the best, easiest-to-use HR software out there. This sneak peek focuses on BambooHR's global navigation.
BambooHR was selected by Utah Business as one of 2013's Best Companies to Work For. It’s an honor to be included with 34 others as a top company to work for.
We’re excited to announce that BambooHR and Jobvite, a leading applicant tracking system, have joined forces to simplify the entire employee lifecycle!
We recently gave our API a facelift: Our documentation was reorganized to make it super easy to find and understand (we’ve rewritten our status codes).
You can customize BambooHR to track visas for employees working around the world. Learn about this custom table for international employees now.
With employee self-service, BambooHR saves you time by allowing employees to check and update addresses for themselves and check current time-off accruals.
BambooHR is Safe Harbor Certified. We adhere to the U.S.-European Union and U.S.-Swiss Safe Harbor Framework. Stamp. We never share data with anyone else.
We revamped BambooHR’s reporting features to give you a lot more possibilities. It will seem new and different, but you’ll love organizing your new reports.
Bonding at work establishes a work environment that allows everyone to feel comfortable. Find out how you can promote employee bonding in your company!
Onboarding 2 min
HR software allows you to manage onboarding tasks so you’re focused on helping new employees rather than simply checking items off your list.
You can now store applicant information in BambooH's cloud-based, central database. Learn more about our customizable applicant tracking system (ATS) today.
HR Insights 2 min
If your company uses HR software, you can rein in all PTO requests and approvals and easily manage all your employees' comings and goings.
One of the perks of switching from spreadsheets to HR software is custom email alerts. You can automate emails to remind managers and employees about things
"In the Cloud" means that BambooHR has your back and is storing your data for you. We store all of your data in a secure, centralized location.
Onboarding 4 min
We all know the staggering costs of making a poor hiring decision. So what can you do to ensure a smooth onboarding experience and keep a great new hire?
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When you're a 'family first' company, kids are a great indicator of success. To get them more involved we hosted a kids art contest. You can see the entr...
EEO-1 can be a stressful report to put together. Learn the need-to-know basics of EEO-1 and see how to create your report faster than you did last time.
There are countless numbers of small and medium businesses stuck using spreadsheets to manage HR data, and we want to save them hours of hassle by giving them easy, robust software that won't break the bank.
Background checks by employers are on the rise. Whether you are getting checked or doing the checking, you need to know these ten secrets to protect yourself.
Feedback from our customers is something we take very seriously. We’d like to return the love by spotlighting some of these people and their companies.
Hiring 2 min
The right applicant tracking software helps you hire faster and more strategically, paving the way to hiring mastery for you and your organization.
BambooHR is now available in the Google Apps Marketplace. From the Google Apps Marketplace, companies can link to their existing BambooHR account, or sign up for a new account.
HR Insights 3 min
The National Federation of Independent Business says strong HR depts are "a unique source of sustained competitive advantage” for smaller companies.
HR Insights 3 min
If you’re an HR professional who works in a small organization, maybe you’ve heard this question: “Why on earth would a small business need an HR department?”
We have customers in over 25 countries and, while we already support tons of different currencies, we decided to make BambooHR available in multiple languages.
HR Insights 3 min
Here are five HR best practices for SMBs. HR technology can help you introduce them in your HR department.
Learning how to speak that new language can be a big step toward communicating HR’s true value.
Not all HR apps have an API, so they don't play well with others. BambooHR, however, has an amazing API that makes integration a breeze.
Sadly, not all companies would allow grandpa to bring his yummy popcorn by every Friday. I'm just glad I get to spend my workday at a place that does.
HR Insights 2 min
You matter to us, and your opinions and ideas matter to us as well. We want you to have the best experience with BambooHR. That is great customer support.
Automated email alerts are here. HR pros love this because it saves them TONS of time and headaches (and does a fine job keeping everyone compliant).
One of the benefits of working at OneLogin is that I’m constantly being introduced to hot new cloud-based HR tools to help manage that life cycle.
Now BambooHR users can check time-off, make requests, or look at a company directory from their phone!
BambooHR has paired up with OneLogin to give customers "a simple and easy way to connect their Active Directory or LDAP Server to BambooHR."
Employee Self Service is a great way to take some load off of HR. Employees can check time off accruals, request time off, view company directory, etc.