HR Insights 7 min
There are countless HR tools on the market today. But how can you be sure you’re choosing the right software for your organization? We'll show you.
Hiring 6 min
Worried about what to wear to a job interview? Know the 3 types of interview attires & the most common misconceptions of what not to wear to an interview.
We’ve created a list of common poor management traits that might be creating a less-than-awesome perception in the eyes of your employees. Think of this as a place to start increasing your bad-boss self-awareness.
HR Insights 3 min
How do you write a good vision statement? We’ve gathered HR vision statement examples & tips to spark your creativity to build your HR vision statement.
Benefits & Comp 8 min
The way you design your incentive pay program can make a big difference on multiple pieces of your business, so it shouldn’t be an afterthought. One of the best things about variable pay plans is that they are variable. So how do you know how to build the right plan?
HR Insights 5 min
Getting the best of an HR conference requires thought and planning for before, during, and after the event. Check out our most valuable prep tips here.
Hiring 16 min
Finding Employees can be tough and you might need to improve your recruiting process. This article provides a comprehensive overview of how to find and hire employees your team. Discover the best places to look for talent, how to use your brand as a recruiting tool, improve new employee retention, and more.
HR Insights 1 min
HR pros like you are often unsung heroes, but we know how heroic you really are. Take the quiz now to find out which alter-ego fits you best.
BambooHR News 3 min
BambooHR Summit is officially over! Here are some of our favorite moments from our three days in the beautiful mountains with incredible HR heroes and thought leaders.
Hiring 7 min
It's true that people care a great deal about what their peers say about a brand, but they also pay attention to what your workforce says about you. Here are some ways to make your employees your brand's biggest cheerleaders.
Onboarding 3 min
If you didn't believe that effective onboarding was important before, it's undeniable now! This new infographic outlines the latest findings from BambooHR's onboarding study.
HR Insights 7 min
A breakdown of all things HRIS, including a definition, common features, top benefits, tips for effectively using an HRIS, and more. You'll be an HRIS software pro in no time!
Benefits & Comp 5 min
Many misconceptions about mental health still exist, but as those stigmas begin to fall away, companies are taking advantage of the benefits of supporting holistic employee health.
BambooHR News 2 min
We have added Workable and four other new partners to our BambooHR Marketplace in the past few months. Learn a little more about these new integrations!
Benefits & Comp 16 min
We've asked +25 HR experts to weigh in on the best employee benefits. Discover what company benefits & perks you should offer. (Pros & Cons Included)
Hourly employees have unique needs and concerns, and your organization should find solutions that fit accordingly. Here are six ways you can do that.
How can organizations help employees discover the growth opportunities within their organizations and take ownership over their own development? Personalized coaching can be an effective solution to add to your L&D mix.
Improving employee performance takes more than threats. It takes aligning your organization's values, expectations, and employee experience.
Benefits & Comp 5 min
Expectancy theory suggests unfulfilled expectations lead to lost performance. If HR can learn how to underpromise and overdeliver, they can use it to their advantage.
What are the benefits of employee engagement for your business? Find out how employee engagement improves: Retention | Brand | Financial Performance
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Workplace stress can affect all other areas of your life. Learn to deal with stress at work to stay healthy and happy both in and out of the office.
Onboarding 2 min
Onboarding can help a new hire get started the right way in every aspect. Learn the % five purposes of an effective onboarding process.
Benefits & Comp 3 min
Whether you’re a business leader or an HR professional, you know that the employee experience relies heavily on managers. You can’t create a top-notch employee experience without having stellar managers who can effectively communicate about compensation.
BambooHR News 3 min
Concerned about GDPR compliance? GDPR will go into effect May 25,2018 and there are certain steps that you'll need to follow to be compliant. Is your data safe?
HR Insights 2 min
Angry employees can create sticky & sensitive situations. Here are some things you should consider when it comes to dealing with angry employees.
With the rising cost of emplyoee absenteeism, discover everything you need to know to measure, account, and prevent absenteeism.
Hiring 4 min
How do you get your candidates to reveal who they truly are in one interview? What are the questions you should ask? What are the red flags you need to watch out for? We’ve compiled a list of five of the most powerful interview questions and, more importantly, the reasons why they work.
Benefits & Comp 5 min
Returning to work after vacation can be a daunting task, since (hopefully) you haven't checked email while you were out. Here are 8 tips for before, during, and after your vacation to make the most of it.
Benefits & Comp 6 min
Miscommunications on compensation can lead cause serious problems between employers and their people. One easy way to get on the same page is to emphasize the relationship between compensation and performance management. Learn two major ways you can do this right now.
Hiring 5 min
An ATS can make finding and hiring excellent candidates faster and easier if you use it right. Here are five ways to make the most of your ATS.
HR Insights 7 min
Whether you’re almost through your first week in HR or your first decade, there’s always more to learn. Here are seven tips to help advance your career.
Gender bias in the workplace can rear its ugly head in many ways, including performance reviews. Let's dive into some common problems and a few solutions.
How critical is the relationship between HR and company culture? So critical that we couldn't decide on just one analogy to explain its importance. We chose five.
HR Insights 4 min
Which HRMS software features are the most important? Discover the 5 features you need to simplify your hr management processes today.
HR Insights 5 min
Whether you're looking for a better way to keep a to-do list, do background checks, or manage all your HR data, there's an app that can help. These 16 HR apps can help you work smarter, not harder, and increase your efficiency and effectiveness.
HR Insights 4 min
Workplace romances will happen regardless of what HR does. Find out these office romance statistics that are affecting over 22% of US marriages.
A friendly workplace is more than a perk. Office camaraderie can help reduce stress, increase productivity, and improve employee engagement and retention.
Retention isn't a question of compensation; it happens at the manager-employee level. Here are six ways for managers to move beyond traditional advancement programs and create loyal, highly engaged employees.
Hiring 2 min
It's tough to balance agility and quality. Here are four simple strategies for speeding up your recruiting process without sacrificing candidate quality.
When optimizing your performance management, you have to strike the balance between maintaining the familiar and making improvements. It's a tricky balance, but an HRMS can help.

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