HR Horror Stories

HR Horror Stories

Sometimes, HR feels like a dream job. Other times, though, we have to deal with HR nightmares. As these submissions from HR professionals and their employees show, HR horror stories come in many forms. In fact, we’ve found HR horror stories that fit with all of our favorite types of horror films. Read on—if you […]

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Equifax and Employees: How HR Can Help

HR watchdog protecting employees

The recent (and seemingly ongoing) data breach at Equifax has a lot of people worried, and for good reason. In a crisis situation, the assumption is that people can rely on family, friends, and their local communities for support. But what if their coworkers are the majority of their friend network, and the organization they […]

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Tailor Your Benefits to Create a Better Work Environment

How to use benefits to create a better workplace

By Andrew Josuweit, CEO of Student Loan Hero A 2017 Gallup report on employee engagement paints a sad picture of the modern workplace. Only 33 percent of employees remained “actively engaged” at work last year, meaning they felt that they had the opportunity to do their best, were surrounded by leaders and co-workers who encourage […]

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Underpromise and Overdeliver for Improved Employee Experiences

Kids enjoying ice cream

Generally speaking, I’m a slow learner. Which explains why I used to make promises to my kids. It took me far too long to realize that if I promise we’ll go for ice cream one day, and we don’t do it, disaster will ensue. Even minor expectations unfulfilled—like a cone-shaped cold treat—can bring about lasting […]

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How Employer Branding Affects Recruiting and Retention

Green Panda: Pudgy-BambooHR Mascot

You’ve been exposed to branding your whole life. From the cute, round face on the baby food jar to the senior citizen commercials that play during The Price is Right (“I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!”), countless organizations want you to remember who they are and how you can interact with them. When it […]

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10 Powerful Onboarding Activities You Need to Try

Giving a gift through the computer

You’ve spent weeks screening resumes, interviewing candidates, and negotiating an offer; the new hire is scheduled to start. Now what? Onboarding. As an HR smarty pants, you already know how important effective onboarding activities are to your organization. Here’s a few stats for you to chew on: –86% of new hires decide whether to stay […]

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7 Tips to Increase Pay Transparency in Your Organization

Magnifying Glass

This post originally appeared on PayScale’s blog, Compensation Today Pay transparency has increased in prevalence over the past few years, and with good reason. Transparent pay practices lead to higher satisfaction and lower intent to leave, according to a 2015 PayScale study. Transparency also improves performance, according to this study in a restaurant setting. With […]

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Bad Boss Index: Are Men and Women Managed Differently?

Bad Boss Index

At the risk of coming across like I’m mansplaining something, let’s briefly talk about gender issues. As we discovered last year, there is a gender gap in rewards and recognition programs. Now, it turns out a similar divide exists when it comes to how men and women view their relationships with their bosses. At least […]

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Meet Our New Partners: GoodHire and Lattice

Who had the best August 2017? Maybe the moon. Completely eclipsing the sun is a pretty big accomplishment. Perhaps every parent who sent their children back to school. Or maybe even the Night King—my Game-of-Thrones-fan coworker tells me he had a good month. While we’re thrilled for the free parents, smug moons, and victorious fictional […]

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