Are You Properly Excited for Elevate Virtual Prizes?

Like us, you might be very excited about the upcoming Elevate Virtual 2017. What’s not to love?

It’s a day of soaking in HR insights and inspiration, not to mention earning SHRM and HRCI credits without paying a dime. But are you properly excited about the event prizes? Let’s follow that question up by asking a few more:

Do you want to fly in a hot air balloon? Do you have any desires to take cooking lessons? Or to see your favorite band in concert? Or to learn how to surf?

One of our company values is “Enjoy Quality of Life,” and we take it very seriously. For us, that means after a full day of hard work, we leave the office and get to the other important things in our lives, whether they be family, friends, hobbies, or whatever. You could say it’s our way of insuring good work-life balance—a catchphrase we don’t fully understand, for the record—remains at the very heart of our organization.


So, when we decided on the types of prizes we wanted to offer at Elevate Virtual, it made perfect sense to work with Blueboard. They’ve mastered the concept of “more relevant employee recognition and the benefits of personal experiences,” and we were delighted by the results of last year’s experiential prize packages.

Last Year’s Winners

Shamlynn Berggren won our grand prize in 2016 and elected to use it as an opportunity to improve her health. She chose the “Build Your Own Experience” feature and, together with her Blueboard concierge, made a plan to join a fitness program. The experience has since propelled Shamlynn and her daughter into a life of activity. They now regularly compete in novelty 5K events (below) and are registered for two upcoming half marathons.

In Shamlynn’s own words, “The opportunity to workout regularly has changed my life and that of my daughter. We are active, healthy, and have so much fun coming up with ways to do physical activities together as a family.” She took a prize from an online HR conference and turned it into a truly transformative experience. Go Shamlynn!

Bethany Hahn used her Blueboard prize to take her husband, Glenn, on a food tour of Chicago on their anniversary. “Our anniversary dinner was perfect, and the service at North Pond was incredible,” she said. “The food tour was great, and we learned a lot while exploring a neighborhood and culture.”

Meredith Showers enjoyed a night at the theater. Together with her mom, she went to the Mystery Cafe in Indianapolis. They were able to participate in the show with the actors in their first mystery dinner, and they had an absolute blast. Meredith even won the Super Sleuth Award!

What type of experience do you want? The sky is literally the limit (remember that balloon ride?), so start thinking now. But don’t forget that, just like Shamlynn, Bethany, and Meredith, you’ll have to earn it at Elevate Virtual 2017.

How it works

Here’s what you need to do. Throughout the event, active participants (like you) earn points for their activities. The top 100 leaderboard attendees will take home prizes, including the Blueboard Indigo Experience, two more Blueboard White Gold Experiences, signed books by featured presenters, and SnackNation gift packages.

On the day of the conference, attendees can follow the leaderboard to see the full rules and track the rankings throughout the day. You can earn points by watching sessions, interacting with sponsors in the expo booth, taking surveys, downloading content, and more.

Go sign up now and get ready to top the leaderboard. Adventure awaits!

Elevate Virtual has awesome prizes. Need proof? Check out last year’s winners.