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Product Update: Huge Changes in the BambooHR iOS App

BambooHR mobile app

We often hear how much our customers enjoy the BambooHR desktop experience, and we LOVE hearing that because we put a lot of time and energy into making your Bamboo experience awesome. But, to be honest, there’s one area in particular where we’d love to get a lot more of that great feedback, and that starts today.

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re excited to announce a completely rethought and redesigned BambooHR app for iPhone and iPad! Our primary goal in this initial version was not to add more features, but instead to focus on the experience. The priority was to set a solid foundation that we can build on going forward. So for now, the functionality is largely the same as the prior version, but we think you’ll find the experience of using the app is on a whole new level.


All new design

We stepped back and redesigned the app from the ground up. We spent a lot of time iterating, refining and testing with users to make sure the new app not only looks good, but feels good.

We made sure your primary flows in the app, such as requesting time off or looking up a coworker’s contact info, are buttery smooth, down to the smallest detail. Take a look at the new calendar when you’re requesting time off. Just tap and drag to select the days you need off. Bam!

Sprinkles of goodness

But this update isn’t all about style. In addition to an new design, we’ve added a bunch of little helpful bits of functionality along the way. It’s amazing how far simple improvements can go. For example, in the new app, we added time off status and dates to the employee list. Now, when you’re looking up a coworker’s number to get in touch with them, you can see if they’re out of the office. Super simple, right? But just this little bit of additional context can make a big difference.

Filter options on the BambooHR iOS app directoryAnother one of our favorites is something we call “My Circle.” My Circle is a new, customizable filter that lets you filter down the who’s out calendar and employee list to just those who matter most to you. Sometime’s it’s great to see the entire company on the who’s out calendar, but often it’s better just to see those you work with on a regular basis.

More to come

This marks a new chapter in our iOS journey and is just the beginning of great things to come. So keep an eye out, and, please, if you have thoughts on the app, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Wait, what about Android?

Don’t worry! We’re actively working on an update to the Android app and will have some news in the coming months. Stay tuned.

We hope you love the new app. Happy Bambooing!

P.S. Check out the app on the app store for a full list of what’s new and to learn more about it.

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