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Stay Young by Continually Learning

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether this happens at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps on learning not only remains young, but becomes constantly more valuable regardless of physical capacity.” – Harvey Ullman

We don’t have to be a student enrolled at a college or university to be learning.  There are many things that we can do at any age and at any level to grow in knowledge and continue moving towards excellence.  Some ways to do this are to read, seek and listen.

Let me explain.

There are so many great and wonderful things written out there every day – books, articles, blogs, etc.  The internet provides a resource to more words than our eyes could read in a lifetime.  Find works that you are interested in and/or that pertain to your job or dream career.  Delve into writings, soak up the words and your wealth of knowledge will grow continually.  Bookmark blogs, read newspapers, subscribe to magazines and purchase or borrow books that interest you.

Instead of reading whatever is posted on a blog or written in a book or magazine, we can proactively research specific things we are interested in.  If a question arises, seek out the answer(s).  One thing my friends and family constantly find me doing is searching the internet.  I cannot stand to have an unanswered question – whether it’s a subject that comes up in conversation or something that pops up in my mind, if I don’t know the answer, you had better believe I will soon find it!  If there is a specific topic that you wish you were an expert on, become one.  Look for more information online, ask a friend or colleague, check out a book from the library or attend a class.

Lastly, one thing that we do nearly every day but maybe don’t realize or give the attention and credit it deserves is merely listening.  Each one of us is different; we have different experiences, thoughts and interests that are unlike anyone else’s.  Whether it’s a casual conversation with an old friend, a one-time exchange with a store clerk, or a story from a child or a neighbor, there is something new to be heard and learned.  Ask questions when talking to someone, pay attention to their words and the feelings behind them.  You will be surprised at how much new information is presented to you daily without even having to seek it out.  Take advantage of the things you can learn from those around you.

Remember, there is strength and youth in knowledge.




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