Hiring 6 min
Instead of covering long-term hiring uncertainty with a quick win, spend time determining how your vision, values, and culture will operate on a new team.
BambooHR News 4 min
Applicant Tracking System users rejoice! Our new ATS mobile app, BambooHR Hiring, will help you review, rate, and communicate with candidates on the go. Learn more now!
Hiring 3 min
Finding a person to fill a job is easy. Hiring the right person for your company is another story. These three steps will help you do just that.
Hiring 3 min
It's difficult to get a group of people to agree on where to go for dinner (let alone who to hire). And this is why we avoid committee hiring decisions.
Hiring 3 min
Your applicant tracking system (ATS) should help (not hinder) hiring. Here are four ways to optimize your ATS to ensure you aren’t losing great candidates.
Hiring 2 min
A video interview is not meant to replace the traditional interview; however, many companies require video interviews before applicants can move forward.
Hiring 6 min
Strategic HR departments use hiring forecasts to have people hired & ramped up just in time for increased demand. Here are some tips for creating your own:
Hiring 3 min
It’s not only good for employees to weigh in during the recruiting stage, it actually helps managers make great hiring decisions. Employees bring a casual vibe into the interview.
Hiring 2 min
Not all applicant tracking systems are created equally. We want to cut down the time it takes us to manage applicants, but also need to keep ourselves in it.
Onboarding 4 min
Most people truly want to learn, grow and improve themselves. If you provide opportunities, you play a key part in their success and happiness at work.
HR Insights 4 min
48 percent of buyers are still using manual processes for their HR software needs. We all want to be more efficient and effective in our jobs.
Hiring 3 min
Here are some LinkedIn mistakes applicants cannot do on LinkedIn: Add people willy-nilly, stalk companies, ignore privacy settings, lie about a skill,
Hiring 4 min
Using these 6 simple strategies, you can hire the right person every time: look outside traditional channels, be transparent and screen applicants.
BambooHR News 2 min
We at BambooHR are excited to announce we've added three new reports to our ATS: Applicant Sources Report, Applicant by Race and Gender, and Applicant by Veteran Status and Gender.

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