Thirty Thirty: January 2021

Here’s a snapshot of how we’ve improved BambooHR within the last 30 days.


Last 30

Secure File Sharing

We know your BambooHR account includes highly sensitive information such as tax and payroll data. Secure File Sharing gives you a more secure option for sharing sensitive information with people outside your organization for things like government reporting and auditing. Instead of attaching documents to emails, which can be hacked or stolen, you can now share files by sending a secure link via email. Not only is this more secure, but you’re able to see how many times a document has been downloaded, set download expiration dates, and revoke access if needed.

eNPS on BambooHR Home Screen (Advantage Package)

Getting feedback from employees is crucial to having a strong culture, so it’s important that your eNPS email doesn’t drown in an employee’s inbox. With this in mind, we’ve now added a link on the home screen to make it easier for you employees to remember to take the eNPS survey.

ATS Email Delivery Status (Advantage Package)

Prompt and timely communication with candidates is crucial in creating an amazing candidate experience. You can now see if and when a sent email was opened, so your follow-ups with candidates are timely and the hiring process moves along smoothly.

Company Tax (TRAXPayroll Add-On)

In an effort to continue making BambooHR your system of record for payroll data, we have moved your Company Taxes from TRAXPayroll into BambooHR. This allows our TRAXPayroll customers to manage their existing tax types, adjust rates, or add any new tax types directly in BambooHR. This includes any Labor and Industries Workers’ Compensation tax types and Class Codes previously entered in TRAXPayroll.

Next 30

Some cool things to look forward to in the next 30 days.

2-Step Login

Security is paramount to us. Now, all customers regardless of their package will have access to 2-Step Login, BambooHR’s native multi-factor authentication service. When enabled, access to BambooHR will require a password and unique code generated by an authenticator app, adding a powerful layer of security to keep your sensitive information safe from prying eyes.

Timesheet Entries Report (Time Tracking Add-On)

Timesheet visibility is important when tracking your employees’ activities, and seeing all the data for your entire team in one place helps you work smarter. We’re soon introducing a report called Timesheet Entries Report which gives managers the ability to view timesheet information for their entire team. So, you can quickly spot anomalies, view who is clocked-in at any given time, see which projects and tasks are getting worked on, check notes, and monitor time entries for a chosen period of time.

Performance Enhancements (Performance Management Add-On)

Three cheers for Performance which has three small updates in the works!

  1. Coming soon to your account settings, you will see an updated design on your performance settings that includes new tabs to organize each section: people, assessments, feedback, and goals. You’ll have a more efficient way to manage your organization’s performance management efforts.
  2. We know how important it is to have options for scheduling feedback and assessments, so we have added a four-month option for both assessments and feedback. This will give you the flexibility to run assessments and feedback three times a year if that works better for your organization.
  3. And lastly, you’ll soon have new date range options when running reports for your Performance management needs. Instead of being limited to review periods you can select date ranges for your reports so that you have the data you need in the time frame you need it. How’s that for flexibility!