Our BambooHR Family Welcomes Brad Rencher

Today’s news that Brad Rencher is joining BambooHR as CEO is the result of over a decade of great work and strong performance by our 500-person team. The employees of BambooHR are on a mission to set people free to do great work. Watching this business become the most recommended human resources software system through every stage we’ve experienced, and by each contribution made by the individuals inside the organization, is an incredible journey to reflect upon. As we welcome Brad into our BambooHR family today, we clear new pathways for our future and create incredible opportunities for our people and our 16,000 customers.

Our path is guided by our collective desire to innovate and to help people and organizations change for the better. This starts within BambooHR as each member of the team is responsible for our brand, our wins, our losses, and our future. Bringing Brad onto the team only adds another dimension to our already bright future. We know Brad will strengthen the team and the business as the lead on day-to-day operations. He is the right person at the right time, and we have full confidence he will carry on the BambooHR legacy of excellence.

As founders, we know what needs to be done to keep the business’s sustainable growth on track. As we stepped back and considered what is best for the company’s future, we came to the conclusion that our skill set is best applied on strategy and direction. After talking through the possibilities of bringing him on board for over nine months, we know Brad feels the magic and appreciates what we have created at BambooHR. He wants to protect and grow upon it. Never once did Brad tell us how we should change, where we could pivot, or what he would do to run things differently. Rather, he approached each discussion with a deep sense of respect to learn how he might be useful to our health and growth. It is clear to both of us that Brad is a great fit for our culture and will be an instrumental part of the future of BambooHR.

Although his accomplishments speak for themselves, they alone are not why we asked Brad to join the team. He is strategic, smart, and business-savvy, but the main reason Brad is now our CEO is his passion for people. Every person we talked to about Brad, and with each conversation we had with him to investigate this path, illustrated his open communication style, desire to learn, care for the product and customers, and focus on helping people be the best they can be. His reflection of our core values and existing culture makes Brad’s addition to our team a great match.

Everyone at the company knows how deeply we love BambooHR and our people. We love our mission, our teams, our customers, and especially all the goodness of the BambooHR culture and values.

We have the opportunity to change an industry. There are very few companies in history that are ever in this enviable position. BambooHR is an incredible place to be right now, and it’s about to get even better.


Ben and Ryan, Co-Founders & Co-Chairs of the Board

P.S. You can read what Brad has to say about this exciting announcement here.