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What’s Bob-in-Accounting’s Number?

redesign directoryWe at BambooHR are excited to let you know about the Employee area’s sparkly new redesign. We’ve also snuck in some new functionality you’re going to love.

Soon the Company Directory will give you the option to display social icons that will link you directly to each employee’s social profiles and email.

Everyone likes color, right? Especially your company’s color. You’ll soon see more of your brand color in the Company Directory.

A new Company Directory search will make it easy to find the employee you’re looking for—whether you know Bob in Accounting’s last name or if Jon has an “h” or not. You can simply start typing the first few letters and a list will appear.

We’re also adding a version of the Company Directory that you can bookmark and access anytime without clicking through the app. This can come in really handy when you need to get Chuck’s extension quickly.

The biggest change we’re making is where you will find the Org Chart! Previously, the chart was available only within the Reports tab. We have moved it from Reports to the Employees tab, so you can share it with anyone in your company!

Organizational ChartWe understand that sometimes you don’t feel comfortable sharing the Company Directory and Org Chart with everyone, but you still want options. So we’ve introduced some new settings. Just like before, you can turn the Company Directory completely on or off, and soon you’ll be able to do the same with the Org Chart. On top of that, you’ll be able to drill down to the specific permission groups you’d like to share the Directory and Org Chart with—for example, just managers or a custom group you’ve put together.

We hope you love the new changes coming soon in the Employees area. This redesign is laying the groundwork for some really exciting new functionality upgrades ahead, and we can’t wait to share them all with you!

As always, we’d love to hear what you think of the new look and features.

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