What’s New in BambooHR: Payroll Tab and Homebase

Did you know that BambooHR does payroll? That’s right! When we say that BambooHR is all-in-one HR software, we mean it helps you take care of the entire employee experience, including getting them paid accurately and on time. And now that we’ve added a new Payroll tab to the main navigation in BambooHR, we’ve simplified your experience as the payroll admin at your organization even further.

The BambooHR Payroll Tab: Your Homebase for Payroll Details and Reminders

As the homebase for all things payroll, the Payroll tab will be your new entry point for running payroll and for checking on all your payroll data. As a BambooHR payroll customer, simply select the new Payroll tab for a clear overview of important payroll details and reminders, such as:

This exciting update makes it easier to monitor sensitive payroll data and stay on track to meet important deadlines. And anything that saves you valuable time deserves a dedicated spot on your toolbelt.

Let’s have a closer look at how the new Payroll tab breathes new life into your current payroll process.

What can payroll in BambooHR do for you?

Turn BambooHR into your compensation hub and keep all your people data in one place.

Get to Know Payroll in BambooHR

Pay Date Selection

You’ll find pay cycles and pay date information across the top of the page, where you can select any pay date between now and eighteen months in the future. Once a date is selected, the page will dynamically update to show the payroll details associated with that pay period.

In addition to alerting you to upcoming pay dates, small icons and color changes in this section also warn you at a glance of the following:

Payroll Details and Important Reminders

When you select a pay date at the top, you’ll be able to see important details and reminders about that pay period. Just below these details, you’ll be served messages when time is short before payroll due dates, employees are missing key data, or other issues could create delays with your upcoming payroll. These messages are our way of giving you a heads up, so you can act quickly to fix issues and keep payroll running smoothly.

Along the right side of the Payroll tab page, you’ll see key dates for this pay period on display:

All of this important information is displayed prominently and in brief for easy scannability to keep you informed and prepared.

Surfacing Updates

This update also helps you track and store changes made to data in BambooHR. At the bottom of the page, you’ll find a summary of changes made since your last payroll run, so you can feel confident with each payroll run that every change is being represented for that specific pay period.

And if you want even more comprehensive payroll information, this summary of changes is also a launching point for you to a more detailed report of data changes.

Why Payroll with BambooHR?

Our payroll software sets an uncompromising standard for convenience, accuracy, and ease of use. So whether you’re an existing BambooHR customer who’s still learning about our payroll add-on or you’ve found us on your search for a new HR software or payroll service, take a look for yourself and see how payroll in BambooHR can make payroll administration a better experience. Book a demo today!

Who knew payday could be fun for everyone?

Payroll with BambooHR gives payroll admins a reason to celebrate.

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