When Customers Say Nice Things

July 12, 2013

Feedback from our customers is something we take very seriously, and over the years it has played an intricate part in shaping the way Bamboo works. But oftentimes, the feedback we get is simply an amazing customer saying nice things about the Bamboo experience.

This means a lot to us, and we’d like to return the love by spotlighting some of these people and their companies.


telephony logo

Let’s start with Sabrina at Telephony Partners in Tampa, Florida. She wrote,

“I can’t thank the team at BambooHR enough for their consistent excellence and legendary service. Yes, I said legendary – and BambooHR is the only company in recent memory to earn that designation.”

Telephony Partners in Tampa, Florida, takes pride in their near obsession with doing things right as well as being “doggedly” ethical. They’re a telecom master agent that values its partner and client relationships above all else. And they don’t just say that. They actually make no money until their clients do!


Think Tank logo

Next up, Angela with Think Tank NTG said,

“We recently converted to BambooHR from an older HR software package. Their staff made the process very easy and helped us every step of the way. The software is very easy to use and is very customizable.”

A fellow champion for small and medium-sized businesses, Think Tank NTG out of Indiana has been providing enterprise-level IT solutions at small business prices. They handle everything from keeping your computers virus free to security updates to data backups. Think Tank NTG wants you to focus on your business, not your IT.



Our friend Mackendree works for a nonprofit in Portland, Oregon, called Outside In.

“In the past 4.5 years since I’ve been working here, we’ve tried 3 other different HR systems and none of them have been able to track what we’ve needed and wanted to track. You have the best system by far. You have been able to customize this to fit our needs, and it’s great. It’s very exciting!”

Outside In is an essential part of Portland. Since 1968, Outside In has provided support to homeless youth and other marginalized people to help them move toward self-sufficiency. Lady Gaga even recognized their efforts in January by donating $5000 of local concert sales to the organization.


morgan sup serv logo

And finally, here’s Amanda at Morgan Support Services in Greensboro, North Carolina.

“I had done some exploring last night of other web-based databases and found none that rival what we have with you for ease of use, presentation of information, or cost.”

Morgan Support Services has become one of the largest providers of Day Support Services for those with developmental or intellectual disabilities. They have their own vocational training program, The SHOPPE, that facilitates personal development and increases the quality of life for individuals.

That’s all for this week. Happy Friday everyone, and thank you!


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